Horse Racing

Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing dates back to the ancient civilizations, before any other modern sport existed. At the time horse racing was very appealing because it was fairly simple for a person to understand the conditions and rules for betting on horse racing. If the horse finishes first, it’s a win.

Also, horses could be found virtually everywhere; this made it even more convenient for race organizers. In time people learned to mix different breeds of horses until they got the ultimate racing horse.

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Over its long history, possibly the one with the longest history, horse racing evolved and changed with a clear defined set of rules and it still maintains huge market share in the betting industry.

As with other sports, horse racing also has its own reputable tournaments and races of great importance. Some of them are Kentucky Derby, Southwell, Royal Ascot, and Cheltenham Festival. Few other horse racing events that take place in the US are Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. It was only a matter of time to have horse racing introduced in Asia. The popularity set the doors open for this long established sport. This resulted with the opening of the Happy Valley racecourse in Hong Kong and another marvelous complex, the Shanghai Race Club in the south-east of China.

The list shows you all bookmakers that offer betting on horse racing. Most of them have provide the same markets, the only distinction among them are probably the odds.