The Best Licensed Betting Sites | 2018

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The internet is one of the best things humanity has experienced, but it’s not all that shiny as it looks. With the introduction of online sportsbooks a whole revolution had to take place and there was a need for new rules and regulations. This led to enacting of Remote Gaming and Remote Betting Regulations. With this set of laws unlicensed online bookmaking operations became illegal.

Certain governments like Gibraltar, Malta and Antigua and Barbuda offered flexible and favorable regulations which made them appealing to potential bookmakers who wanted to go global. “Potential” because they have to go through a harsh application process which includes background checks, analysis of financial capabilities and software audits. Having the license certificate is not the end of the authority-bookmaker relationship since they have to report on a regular basis. Random checkups are also a thing.

Below you can find all reviewed sportsbooks grouped according the jurisdiction where they are licensed. Some bookmakers have more than one license for the purpose of offering their services to certain markets.




First Cayagan



With the development of computer technology and the ever expanding internet web new opportunities came along with them. Instant communication, a surge of online businesses, it feels like the world became smaller. Before the internet became a thing there were bookmakers with local or national presence. Some were so successful they went international. At that time it was fairly easy to regulate them since they had to adhere only to the local laws.

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