Gibraltar License



Gibraltar is considered one of the most popular jurisdictions for licensing an online gaming or gambling. It is located between Spain and Morocco, although its geographical position is in Africa, in terms of politics it is a part of the EU. Further on it is a self-governing country dependent of the British Crown. In effect the authorities of Gibraltar are responsible for all internal affairs and the British Crown sets the course for any international diplomatic matters. Back in 2005 Gibraltar was recognized by UK with the new enacted Gambling’s Act of 2005. This was a huge milestone for Gibraltar’s future as it allowed them to exercise all benefits the EEA has to offer. To be precise the flexible tax and business legislations made it appealing to all current and future sportsbook operators. Through the years they made an attempt to accommodate to the needs of the bookmakers, but in the same time to continuously safeguard the player’s interest.


The ultimate responsibility is taken by the Gambling Commissioner. According to their legislation both casino games and online sports betting are considered as remote gambling. It is considered as remote gambling if it is conducted with the help of some other device including the internet, computer, telephone, television, radio or any other device which will provide clear communication. Any willing applicants can apply for one of the licenses Gibraltar has to offer: • Betting Intermediary License • Bookmaker’s License • Gambling Machine License • Remote Gambling License With these 4 types of licenses any entity willing to operate an online gambling business is covered.

Safety and Regulation

The Gambling Commissioner and the Licensing Authority are not only issuing licenses or overseeing the licensees’ activities, but they control where and when do they get the chance to advertise. They also regulate towards what audience are their services targeted and offered. This is done to prevent any malicious behavior and luring in minors or any other vulnerable group. The authorities have the power and the duty to remove any bookmaker who will not uphold to the license guidelines. Harming the player’s interest or failing to complete a payout will lead to revoking of the license.

It is in the interest of both the licensee and the licensor to obey to the guidelines and uphold to them. Otherwise their reputation and the public trust are at stake.