Premier League

Premier League


Close and exciting matches, fearsome underdogs, thriller shows until the last blow of the ref’s whistle – these are but a few remarks which make the EPL one of the most beloved competitions among fans far and wide.

The English Premier League (BPL; EPL) is England’s most prominent football competition. Not only is this league the most popular among football fans in England, but it has worldwide recognition for being one of the most unpredictable and exciting competitions, where a number of top teams face off in a thrilling contest over the course of nine months.

English teams have always competed well in domestic and European competitions. The EPL is ranked among the top four leagues in Europe, which is why they are privileged with four UEFA Champions League spots, of which the 1st through 3rd placed teams receive a direct invite; whereas the 4th placed team needs earn its spot through qualifiers.


The English Premier League as we know it today was established sooner than you may think. In 1992, England’s top twenty teams decided to break away from the then-prevalent football league. This was done so they would gain more recognition in Europe, as well as increase their income. Therefore, the FA Premier League was formed.

Not long thereafter, the FA Premier League became England’s number one competition, while the football league they separated from, fell down one rank and was later renamed to the Football League Championship (formerly Division One).

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The most successful club after the EPL’s inception was Manchester United, led by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. The nineties were the team’s golden years. The Red Devils had won five league titles, but 1999 was their most memorable year, as they had won the treble; the Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

The period from 2000-2010 was vastly dominated by four teams which were labeled as the “Big Four”, consisting of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea. In these years, these four teams shared eight league titles, out of the possible eleven.

The all-time top scorer of the Premier League is the unrepeatable Alan Shearer, who shook the net 260 times out of 441 appearances (1992-2006).

Andrew Cole, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry, Robbie Fowler, Michael Owen, Les Ferdinand, Teddy Sheringham and R. Van Persie have all made their mark on the top ten goal scoring list.

Wayne Rooney is the only player currently still playing in the EPL. Van Persie left for Fenerbahce, and Frank Lampard plays for New York City, while the rest have all stopped playing professional football. This makes Rooney the only one still in contention to overthrow Alan Shearer’s record.


England’s most esteemed football competition is more and more fearsome each year. The former cluster of teams labeled as the “Big Four” has been diluted over time, thanks to the rise of new teams which were previously deemed harmless.

The excitement and explosiveness in the EPL has drawn the attention of many spectators over the years. It is one of the reasons the EPL’s popularity has only spiraled upwards, remaining positive to this day.

Premier League News

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We couldn’t leave these out as 3 of the biggest clubs in the Premier League are included like Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea. Right off the bat, there’s going to be a derby match that can be the decisive moment for the entire season. Without further a due, let’s take a look at all 3 matches individually and see if there are any earning prospects.

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Believe it or not, the Premier League is back! There are some exciting matches from week one. As always, we keep a watchful eye and we bring you the most accurate information along our own prediction.The initial matches are probably the most fruitful, the players have had a good rest and are thirsty for victory.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Tips and Predictions 08.11.2015
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Local derbies are always in the spotlight of the media and the fans as well. The rivalry heats up the atmosphere even more. Derby games are the time and place when heroes and idols are created. This North London derby is older than a whole century.

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Sunday brings an exciting clash between two teams of similar qualities. If we were asked several years ago, this match would have a clear favorite in Liverpool vs the underdog that would be Southampton. Now, it’s a mid table battle. Jürgen Klopp claimed the managerial position on Anfield not too long ago, and he is still to record his first triumph with the club. Southampton, on the other hand, are sitting on the 8th position of the table, two places above the Reds, and are looking to emulate last season’s success by earning a qualifying spot for the UEFA Europa League.

Tottenham vs. Liverpool Tips and Predictions 17.10.2015
October 15, 2015

The international break is over and we are back with yet another exciting match before us. This Saturday we expect to see an enticing match on White Hart Lane. So far the Spurs showed impressive performance on both home and away matches. On the other side we have Liverpool who hasn’t lived up to its glorious history. In addition to this the upcoming match is Jürgen Klopp’s debut.

Arsenal VS Manchester United Tips and Predictions 04.10.2015
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It all comes down to this, will the Devils go home with 3 points or Arsenal will prevail and strengthen their position in the League? Betting on who the winner will be is a tough decision to make. We want to bring you exciting picks that will give you the adrenaline rush you need, but we also want your betting ticket to be a winning one.

Leicester vs Arsenal Tips and Predictions 26.09.2015
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Week 7 of the Premier League brings forward a tempting match that will take place on the grounds of King Power Stadium. The Foxes will make an attempt to make Arsenal’s stay on the field as rough as possible with no respect to their world renowned reputation.

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We like providing insight on tough and seemingly unpredictable matchups, whenever possible. Tottenham vs Crystal Palace perfectly fits our bill. It is an interesting match which can seemingly go either way.

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This weekend marks the return of league football, and it brings excitement and anticipation for fans around the globe, which is always the case when a derby of this magnitude awaits us. Manchester United vs Liverpool takes place on Match Day 5 of the English Premier League. Not only will this be a presumably fantastic match between two great teams, but it will also play a crucial role in shaping the early league table.

The Premier League Is Underway
August 17, 2015

As a football fan, you may be extremely passionate about your favorite club, therefore your emotional investment can be quite high, which directly affects your mood on how your team performs. Learn all about the Barclays Premier League.