Euro Cup 2016

Euro Cup

Starting on the 10th of June all eyes will be on Stade De France when the French will open the Euro Cup in the first match versus Romania. The last big football tournament took place in Brazil, 2 years ago when the Germans crushed their opponents showing the world they are the undisputed world champions in football. 24 national squads played at least 10 games in order to get their ticket to France. After a lot of excitement and one decisive draw we got the groups and the match schedule for the Euro Cup 2016. The groups and the squads look promising.

France as a Host of the Euro Cup 2016

France was the host of the World Cup of 1998 when they took the world cup trophy after an exciting game with Brazil. They do have experience when it comes to organizing all sorts of major sports competitions. The main novelty we’re going to see in the Euro Cup 2016 in France is that there are going to be 24 teams, instead of the previous 16. Due to the higher number of participants in the tournament, this competition is going to last for 4 weeks and there are 6 groups.

We salute this alteration to the tournament rules as it opened the doors for weaker football squads to take part in the Euro Cup. There are already several national teams that can become pleasant surprises thanks to the new tournament format. France will be in the spotlight starting on the 10th of June until the 10th of July. 10 French cities are going to become the center of attention for one whole month.

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Group Stage of the Euro Cup 2016

We’re going to see several nations to take part in the European national football competition for the first time ever, including Wales, Iceland, Northern Ireald, Albania and Slovakia. The Euro will be a big adventure for them and a huge opportunity to show their qualities and make their people proud. Each team will have to play 3 games and the top 2 team of each group will move on to the knockout stage of the tournament.

This tournament’s group of death includes Sweden, Italy, Belgium and the Republic of Ireland. One of the three powerhouses will end its euro adventure rather soon, will that be Belgium or Italy, or maybe Sweden?

Germany or Spain - Prime Contenders for the Euro Cup 2016 Trophy

All teams consist of the nations’ finest, but not every squad can stand up to the challenge the Euro competition will throw at them. Germany and Spain are the main favorites. They have the means, the players and the necessary experience to become the European champions the Euro Cup that will take place in France. Germany is the current World Champion and not much has changed in their line-up.

On the other hand, Spain is the current European Champion. If these two squads meet on their way to the final it will probably be more exciting than the final match itself. Both teams have superstars, living legends that can settle the score in a blink of an eye. If one of these two scopes the trophy we’re not going to be surprised.

Rising Stars and Potential Surprises for the Euro Cup 2016

Football stars like Christiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney will certainly perform well. By rising stars we mean new young players who can and most likely will be a major surprise. The Euro Cup is their chance to get out of the shadow and show their skills. Hopefully some of the big clubs will see the potential in them and will hire them.

Renato Sanches, the Portuguese representative who plays for Benfica is already attracting a lot of the media’s attention. He will certainly be of great help to Ronaldo and they will hopefully take Portugal to the later stages of the tournament. Renato is 18 years old only.

Julian Draxler, the young German player who’s currently playing for Schalke 04 has to play the games of his life to prove that he’s worthy and a world class player, since he’s part of a top notch football team. Aged 22, he’s going to become a crucial element of the German squad.

The Austrian representative David Alaba has the weight of his team’s success on his shoulders. He can become a surprise if he does something miraculous and take the Austrian squad to semi-final or even the final game.

Last but not least, there’s Oguzhan Ozyakup. He’s the product of Arsenal’s academy and he’s already linked to Chelsea following his spectacular performance in the qualifying round of the Euro Cup 2016. He got the moves that make passionate football fans want more.

Top Goal Scorer of the Euro Cup 2016

There are various factors that are detrimental to the success of one striker and how many goals will he score. For example, how long will the team stay in the tournament, is one particular football player going to be a priority to his teammates when there’s a chance for a goal. Michel Platini is the current all-time top goal scorer, however, there are several football players that want to change this. Cristiano Ronaldo seems like the candidate with the highest odds of winning the golden boot of the Euro Cup 2016. It all depends on Portugal’s overall performance. If they manage to reach the semi-finals or the quarter finals at the very least.

It’s his time to shine and prove that he’s a living legend that will be remembered in a competition other than a club one.

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