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Rugby is a specific style of football which came to life sometime in the 19th century. Rugby was born as yet another variation of standard football we know today, hence its name Rugby football. Today, there are two main types of rugby; the rugby union and rugby league. Rugby union carries the most popularity and mainstream presence out of the two. Rugby league was split for the Rugby union in 1895, and it slowly changed some of its rules over time, in order to create a more entertaining sport for spectators. Rugby league is known to be one of the toughest and most physically demanding sports today.

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One of the most crucial limitations for new bettors is the fact that they don’t completely understand the rules of certain sports. We’ll try to explain the basics of betting on Rugby here, as it is one of the less popular sports worldwide, and information on the matter may not be as accessible.

Betting on the winner is the most common type of bet, and it is available in almost all sports. This type is self-explanatory. Handicap is definitely the more lucrative betting market, because it opens up higher betting combinations, and in turn – higher winning possibilities. To explain handicap betting, we will use an example. Let’s say you have placed a bet on Italy +3 to beat England. If the ending result is 15-17, you would have won your bet because of your 3+ handicap bet, virtually making the ending score 18-17. As you can see, handicap is quite often considered the “safer” betting option. Betting on the winning margin is also among the top Rugby bets. This one is harder to predict, and you should almost never stake a high amount on this type of market.