American Football

American Football

American Football, or just referred to as Football in the USA and, is USA’s most popular sport. The most popular leagues of American Football are the NFL (National Football League) and the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). NFL is the more popular of the two, with bigger teams, players and stakes, and it is also heard of in most regions of the world. The NCAA is also referred to as College Football, and while it is the less known of the two, it is featured on nearly all sport betting sites.

American Football, more specifically the NFL and the NCAA, can be found in nearly all sports betting sites around the globe, regardless of their target audience. However, bonuses specifically for American Football can be usually found in online bookmakers which target the USA as their main audience. There, you may find free bet bonus offers which give you certain conditions you must abide to, if you intend on keeping your bonus valid.

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The NFL is rising in popularity to this day, not just in the USA, but outside of it as well. You can even catch news of plans to host NFL games on UK territory in the coming years. Nonetheless, NFL’s popularity among online betting sites is unquestionable. There are several ways to bet on the NFL, and if you are new to NFL betting, we’ll try to simplify them as much as possible.

The most common bet on an NFL game is betting on the winner, similar to Soccer (1X2). Keep in mind that’s some bookmakers don’t allow betting on a draw, instead they will refund your initial stake. Handicap betting is arguably even more popular than straight up betting on the winner in NFL, because it allows you to even the playing field, so to speak. The third most common type is the totals betting, where you can bet on the amount of points both teams will score by the end of a match.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can further explore the ways on which you can bet on NFL games, and combine many interesting ways to win.