Formula 1


Formula One, or more commonly referred to as F1, is the most prestigious racing competition in the world. F1 falls under the “single-seat” auto racing category, and it has been held by FIA ever since its inaugural season in the distant 1950. The main reason of F1’s tight competition, prestige and popularity is the fact that Formula One cars are the fastest racing cars in the world, reaching speeds of up to 360 kmh/220mph. Moreover, the global TV audience of 425 million in 2014’s F1 competition speaks for itself, when it comes to this sport’s fan admiration around the globe. As a positive consequence of this, F1 is featured in nearly all online sportsbooks as a premiere sport. While the F1 racing season is ongoing, you may find special offers specifically tied to the sport. In general though, you will not find many F1 specific bonuses, instead they fall under regular promotions offered by bookmakers.

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The F1 competition is filled with fun, adrenaline and excitement, but it is even more exciting when there’s a bet at stake. The most common types of F1 are as follows: Season winner – betting on the driver who has accumulated the most points during the course of the entire season, thus claiming the championship title. Constructor season winner – instead of betting on an individual driver, here you bet on which team/constructor’s one of two racers will claim the title of the season. For example, betting on Ferrari or Mercedes. Winner of the race – this bet is pretty straightforward, you bet on the winner of a single race. The examples above show the most popular types of bets on F1, there are more ways of betting such as Top 3 or Top 6 finish, Fastest Lap and so on. If you are a beginner, we advise you stick to the basics to begin with.