Ice Hockey


We know football and basketball can be very exciting and the game outcome can change in just few seconds, but ice hockey is by far the fastest-paced sport. Unlike racing sports where only spectacular overtaking can be exciting ice hockey is filled with this kind of moments. Players are moving from one side to the other so fast you can’t even follow all of their movements.

Every team has 6 players in the rink with one of them being the goaltender. The match consists of 3 periods of 20 minutes unlike other team sports that have two periods like in football or 4 quarters in basketball. The object the players want to place in the opponent’s goal is called puck. The puck is a vulcanized rubber which slides on the ice fairly well.

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Ice hockey is one of the more aggressive sports with a lot of contact among players. The most distinctive move of ice hockey is the Body Check. Body Checking is when a player hits another one with his hip and his shoulder, either against the wall or against another player. Fights are a common thing among hockey players because of the frequent provocative moves which are allowed by the rules.

Ice Hockey is most popular in North America (especially Canada) and northern parts of Europe. International competitions include the big 6: Canada, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden. For club competitions the leagues which are most popular are the National Hockey League (NHL) in USA and the Kontinenal Hockey League (KHL) in Russia.

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