The art of combat with bare hands was present even in the era of ancient civilizations. However, at that time there were only a handful of rules according which the battles were organized. As any other sport that evolved over time so did boxing. Today the battles are closely watched by a referee to ensure both boxers are following the fair-play boxing guidelines. On top of this the referee is here to prevent any fatal outcomes. The boxers wear gloves to prolong the knockdown. This way the audience can enjoy in the thrill of the battle longer and the boxers can devise their own strategy how to overcome the opponent. The battle can be concluded two ways, in the event of a knockout or once the 3 minutes rounds are over. Depending on what stage of a tournament it is there can be different number of rounds. The ultimate battle for the world championship has 12 rounds. This is also called “The Championship Distance”.

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This sport has created a lot of memorable individuals which are in the hall of fame including Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield to name a few. These battles are subject to long conversations even years after they taken place. The world championship final battle is one of the most prestigious events in the year carefully followed by the media.