Best Olympic Games Betting Sites in 2024


It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact. The Rio 2016 Olympics will be the first ever Olympic games hosted in a South American country. 2 years ago the biggest South American country, Brazil was the host of the World Cup 2014. This time around, the venues will be used for other sports besides football.

There will be 4 areas in which all of the events will take place. Without doubt, there’s going to be a lot of excitement during the 16 days of Olympics action. The opening ceremony will take place on the 5th of August on the Maracana Stadium. According to the official schedule the Olympics will end on Sunday, the 21st of August.

The Venues – 4 Different Areas, 4 Different Types of Sports

There are 4 areas in which the Olympic Games will take place. Copacabana will be the place where the volleyball games be held. The endless beach is probably the best place in the whole world for events such as these. Brazil has always been the favorite in this sport category.

Deodoro will host the competitions which involve any sport that involves pools, water in general. For 16 days, it will be the center of attention for fans who are into aquatic sports such as swimming and diving. Furthermore, Deodoro is the area where all BMX, extreme sports will be held. It’s one truly wonderful venue. Equestrian enthusiasts will also be looking at Deodoro.

The Olympic Park is located in Barra and lastly, Maracana features two large stadiums where most of the action will occur.

As you might’ve expected, Copacabana and Maracana are the largest venues. In total there are 28 Olympic sports in 41 disciplines and 306 events.

A New World – Meet Vinicius and Tom

Every major sports competition needs to have its own mascot. The mascot of the Summer Olympics Rio 2016 is the Vinicius. It’s a yellow and blue fictional character that’s supposed to represent the wildlife of Brazil. On the other hand, Tom is the mascot for the Paraolympic Games which commences later on in the beginning of September. Tom is more of a representation of the flora of Brazil.

The motto of the Summer Olympic in Rio is A New World. Despite this rather utopian tag line, the Brazilian authorities have suffered severe critics regarding the situation in their country. This is not the first time, this was happening 2 years ago during and before the World Cup.

Sports Betting and the Summer Olympics in Rio 2016

A month ago, there was a major sports competition, that’s the Euro Cup, which took place in France. It was a sensation that caught the attention of a lot of football enthusiasts who made a profit while having fun! The Summer Olympics are no different in terms of popularity and sports betting prospects. Unlike the Euro Cup, where we could bet only on football, this time around we can bet on a range of sports, 28 to be precise.

The betting offer is rather abundant. Regardless of what sport you’re into, there are odds for it. Not only that, but all of these events are of high importance. History will be made, heroes will be created and you can make a profit if you decide to place a bet on your favorite. Athletics, football, boxing, basketball, even golf is back as an Olympic sport.

One this is for certain, you can say there’s no event on which you’d place a bet. There are 306 events to choose from. You better start researching and analyzing right away. It’s the only way you can have the advantage over online sportsbooks.