Swimming is one of the sports that has been a part of the Olympic games since the inaugural edition in Athens 1896. At that time, the races and all other swimming events took place out in the open at sea or in artificial lakes. It didn’t take long before almost all events started taking place in pools. These Olympic pools were the same exact like todays 50m long, 3m deep and 25m wide. There are two rounds, a qualifying round and a final race between 8 competitors which determines the gold medalist.

Even today, swimming is considered as one of the most popular Olympic sports. In Rio 2016, the swimming competitions will take place between the 6th of August and the 16th in the Olympic Aquatics Stadium in Fort Copacabana.  There will be a total of 32 aquatic events, 16 in the men’s category and 16 in the women’s. Some of them are freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke and medley.

Swimming Events part of the Olympics Rio 2016

Top Medal Winners By Country and Individually

You’ve heard of him. The highest number of golden medals, medals in general, have gone in the hands of Micheal Phelps. He’s already considered as the best Olympian of all times, with a total of 22 Olympic medals (18 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze). The only thing he can achieve or improve in Rio 2016 is a new world record. Let’s not forget the legendary Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi and Ryan Lochte with a total of 11 medals each.

The USA is the absolute dominant force when it comes to swimming with a total of 520 medals. In the 2nd place is Australia with almost 200 medals.

We must point out the achievements of Jenny Thompson (12 medals), Kristin Otto from Germany (6 golden medals), Kriszstina Egerszegi with 7 medals (5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze) and Amy van Dyken with 6 medals in total.

Swimming Rio 2016 – Men’s Category – Odds and Predictions

The favorite in the most exciting race to watch, 100m freestyle, is Cameron McEvoy. Betting on him comes with odds at 1.35. He’s followed by the three time gold medalist Nathan Adrian with high odds at 5.50. In 100m breaststroke the favorite is Adam Peaty with rather low odds at 1.20. Mitch Larkin is the prime contender for the gold medal in the 100m backstroke (2.00), whereas the undisputed candidate in 100m butterfly is none other but Michael Phelps with fairly high odds at 2.00.

In 400m freestyle we can expect to see Sun Yang as the winner of the gold medal with decent 1.90, followed by Mack Horton with higher odds sitting at 2.50. They better watch their backs as James Guy has his eyes on the gold medal as well.

The 1500m race can also be an exciting one. Gregorio Paltrinieiri seems like the biggest favorite of them all, sitting high in the sportsbook with odds as low as 1.60. The aforementioned Sun Yang is 2nd in line with 2.50 and Mack Horton with 6.50.

Swimming Rio 2016 – Women’s Category – Odds and Predictions

Although all eyes are turned at the men’s category, you can make a profit by betting on the women’s category as well. The favorites to win the 100m freestyle are the Campbell sisters, Cate Campbell comes with odds at 1.60, whereas her sister Bronte Campbell at 4.50. Sara Sjöström from Sweden ranks as fourth with odds at 5.50. The Swedish swimmer is also a prime contender for the gold medal in the 100m butterfly race.

Katie Ledecky is the absolute favorite to win the 400m freestyle gold medal with odds at 1.03. To be honest, it’s not worth betting on her. On the other hand, Katinka Hosszu looks eager to win the gold medal in the 400 medley with fairly low odds at 1.10. Right behind her are Madeline Dirado, Emily Overholt and Mireia Belmonte with odds of 16.00.

We can already see Katie Ledecky with the golden medal in the 800m freestyle. Considering the odds of 1.01 she’s already won. Lauren Boyle and Jessica Ashwood are the runner ups with 15.00 and 15.50 respectively.