EcoPayz Payment Method - Trusted Online Sportsbooks Accepting EcoPayz



At the moment of its establishment, EcoPayz was known as EcoCard. The only product of this company was the EcoCard, and they only acted as a digital wallet. However, in 2013 their product and service range diversified, and so EcoCard turned into EcoPayz. It has a global presence, 179 countries, 47 supported currencies and millions of satisfied customers. EcoPayz is a regulated company, which is a subject of regular audits and thorough control. In other words, they follow the law word by word. As far as safety is concerned, you have nothing to worry about. It’s becoming one of the most popular e-wallet among people who are into sports betting. It may not rank with Skrill and NETeller, but that’s why it holds a better reputation among online sportsbooks.

How EcoPayz Works?

Over the past decade EcoPayz made several strategic partnerships that allowed it to reach to a wider part of the market. One of their key partners is MasterCard. That said, you can get an EcoPayz debit card powered by MasterCard. This debit card can be used for online payments, both paying and receiving. Furthermore, you can withdraw the funds at an ATM that has the MasterCard logo. Of course, all of this comes at a small price in the form of a fee. In the early years, the EcoCard acted just like an e-wallet. But, in order to keep up with the market trends and cope with the competition, they had to make certain improvements. EcoPayz has been experiencing a significant surge in the number of users that are part of the sports betting community. The main reason for this is that online sportsbooks are imposing certain restrictions to other e-wallets like Skrill, NETeller and Paysafecard for instance.


Safety and Security

Besides the close financial control, which guarantees the safety of your funds, EcoPayz pays a great deal of attention to the privacy of your personal and bank information. That said, all data is encrypted and stored with the latest privacy protection protocols. It acts as a medium, a neutral platform between the merchant or in this case the online sportsbook, and your funding source. In other words, it’s an additional layer of protection. EcoPayz’s ultimate product which offers the highest level of safety and privacy is their “one use” card which can be loaded only once. After all the funds are out of the account, all data is deleted and the card is obsolete. This means that even if you lose or it gets stolen, nobody can benefit from it. Another interesting fact about the activation of the physical EcoPayz MasterCard debit card is that you receive one part of the activation on your email and the other on your phone.

EcoPayz Fees

The registration for all EcoCards is free. Credit card deposits are subject to a fee in the range of 1.69% to 2.90%. If you want to make a withdrawal to a bank account it will cost you between EUR 5.90 and EUR 10. Transferring to another Eco account costs 1.5% for Silver cards, whereas all premium cards come with free of charge inter account transfers. Currency conversions come at a fee in the range o 1.25% to 2.99%. Lastly there’s a fixed monthly fee of 1.5 EUR.