Skrill - Moneybookers


It’s the alternative online payment method that knows no borders and no boundaries. It was founded in 2001 when online businesses were still in their infant years.  Skrill has its headquarters based in the UK. It was formerly called Moneybookers, but in 2007 it was rebranded and the default name became Skrill.

Skrill has overall good reviews, providing fast money transfers that undergo through reliable safety protocols. At the very least, it’s a cost efficient medium for companies and private individuals to send and receive funds.

Over its 15 years of existence Skrill has managed to attract more than 30 million customers from all over the world.

Skrill in the Online Sports Betting Industry

Almost all online sportsbooks will accept deposits via Skrill and they do allow their customers to withdraw with it. However, certain online sportsbooks do not allow Skrill depositors to take advantage of Free Bets or other bonus offers that could otherwise be at their disposal, if they were to deposit with a credit card for instance.

Besides this minor flaw, Skrill along with NETeller, is the best alternative payment method that will provide you with the necessary means to have a smooth and convenient online sports betting experience. Skrill allows you to have complete control of your funds at any online sportsbook.

Skrill users do not pay any fees whatsoever for the transactions they make. The merchant is responsible for any associated fees, or in our case online sportsbooks.


Skrill’s Time Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

E-wallets such as Skrill are very popular in the online sports betting and online gaming industries due their exceptional transaction speed. On top of being fast, these transactions are safe and the costs are kept as low as possible.

However, recharging you Skrill account does come at a price. Depending on the method you use to fund your e-wallet the fees range between 1.50% and 5.50%. We do not recommend you to reload your Skrill account with Paysafecard since it carries the highest fee of 5.50%. That said, it’s best to reload it with a credit or a debit card. Withdrawals on the other hand, are a subject to a fixed fee of a little over 2 GBP or 2.5 EUR. If you manage to keep the withdrawals number low, Skrill becomes your most efficient and cost effective money transfer solution.

Skrill is made available all around the world. Currently, people from more than 200 countries can use their services. Currently, you can send and receive funds via Skrill in GBP, EUR, PLN and USD.