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If you’re a punter in SA who wants to make safe, free betting deposits without a credit card, you landed on the right page. SiD Instant EFT betting sites are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This page has everything you need to know to make simple, free, instant deposits with SiD Instant EFT. We even have an illustrated, step-by-step guide showing you how!

South Africa’s Best SiD Instant EFT Betting Sites

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Do I Need a Credit Card for SiD InstantEFT?

No, one of SiD EFT’s best qualities is that there are no credit cards required. That means that punters don’t need to go through long, and sometimes expensive credit card applications, or wait to receive their card. This also means that punters who already have a credit card don’t need to worry about their card details being transferred over the internet, which is a lot more secure.

How Do You Use SiD EFT?

SiD Instant EFT deposits are extremely simple and easy. All you need to do to make an SiD betting deposit is to select SiD as your chosen payment option, then enter the amount you want to deposit, and you’ll be directed to your bank’s internet banking login page to confirm your deposit.

Step-by-Step Guide to SiD Instant EFT Betting Site Deposits

  1. Log in to your betting account
  2. Click on the “Cashier” or “Deposit” buttonsid eft deposit 1
  3. Select “SiD” as your payment methodList of available deposit methods in an online betting site in South Africa showing SiD EFT as an option
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to depositScreenshot displaying where to enter your deposit amount when using SiD Instant EFT for a betting deposit
  5. Select your bank and enter any required detailsScreenshot showing the bank selection options when using SiD Instant EFT as a betting deposit method
  6. Log in to your internet banking portal and follow the on-screen instructionsScreenshot displaying the First National Bank log in screen to be able to proceed with an SiD Instant EFT betting deposit
  7. The funds will likely already be in your account and you can start betting!

💡 TIP! Sometimes bookies don’t list SiD explicitly, but still offer the service listed under your bank’s name. The trick is to make sure that it’s listed as an “Instant” deposit, as a regular bank transfer deposit can take several working days.

How Do I Make SiD Instant EFT Betting Site Withdrawals?

Making withdrawals from your bookmaker account via Instant EFT is a process almost identical to the one we showed you for depositing. Instead of selecting “Deposit”, just select “Withdraw”. The only other real difference is that SiD EFT withdrawals take longer than deposits do.

SiD on Mobile

As more and more internet-connected phones find their way into South African pockets, more and more businesses are becoming mobile friendly, including SiD Instant EFT. Punters can either download their dedicated app for Android and iOS, or simply just use their browser like they would on a desktop.

As SiD doesn’t require any proprietary accounts or logins, it’s extremely data efficient, so you won’t have to worry about SiD taking you any closer to your monthly data limit.

Deposit & Withdrawals Speeds

As we mentioned above, SiD EFT makes bank transfers a lot faster than they’d normally be, so punters get access to faster transactions that are still just as secure.

SiD betting site deposits are instant, so your funds should appear in your bookmaker account within seconds. This means that punters don’t need to wait around for money to move from one account to another, and can just jump in and start placing bets.

Betting site withdrawals, on the other hand, are slightly slower. While deposits are instant, SiD EFT withdrawals generally take around 48 hours, plus however long your betting site of choice takes to process your withdrawal request. This is still still a lot faster than many other betting site withdrawal methods like using debit cards or regular bank transfers, but punters should be aware that there’s still a short wait involved.

Transaction Limits & Fees

SiD don’t charge any fees to customers for betting deposits or making online payments, and the fees that betting sites need to pay are so small that the majority of Easy EFT betting sites just absorb the cost, as they do with credit card fees.

However, punters should keep in mind that SiD transactions are still bank transfers. The vast majority of banks in South Africa (and the world, really) charge processing fees for bank transfers. We recommend checking what your bank’s transaction fees are before diving in.

This also means that bookmakers need to pay these fees when processing your withdrawals. It’s considered to be standard practice in the global sports betting industries that withdrawals processed via bank transfer arrive in the punter’s account net of those processing fees, which is one of SiD’s drawbacks.

Is there a minimum amount I can deposit?

This will depend entirely on your bookmaker of choice, as each company will have it’s own terms of service. Most SiD betting sites usually set the minimum deposit to be in the region of 25 Rand.

Is there a maximum transaction limit?

Again, this is another factor that’s dependent on which online bookmaker you choose to use. Generally speaking, though, transactions up to 75,000 Rand shouldn’t be much of an issue.

What is SiD Instant EFT?

EFT = “Electronic Funds Transfer”, i.e. Bank Transfer. SiD EFT speeds up bank transfers between South African bank account holders. This is basically bank transfers that happen at the speed of ewallet transactions. As your funds never leave the banking system, as they would through a credit card or e-wallet, this makes SiD the absolute safest option for betting site deposits and withdrawals.

💡 TIP! Make sure you have online banking set up before trying to use SiD! SiD’s two, only requirements for users are that they have a SA bank account and that internet banking is enabled. If this is an issue, we have alternative recommended payment methods to choose from!

Which SA Banks Support SiD EFT?

Luckily, the vast majority of banks here in SA support SiD EFT payments. However, we recommend checking with your bank to be safe, as there are a small number of South African banks that haven’t enabled this functionality yet. At the time of writing, these are some of the main banks in SA that support SiD EFT payments:

ABSA Capitec
First National Bank (FNB) Investec
Nedbank Standard Bank

How many betting sites support SiD EFT payments?

There are plenty of online bookmakers in SA who support SiD Instant EFT payments. However, there are still a number of the larger, more international betting sites that don’t accept this SA-specific payment method just yet.

Contacting SiD Instant EFT Customer Support

While SiD is extremely efficient, it’s always possible that a customer might need help with their service. With most payment method providers, even huge ones like PayPal, it can be notoriously difficult to get in touch with customer care.

SiD Instant EFT, on the other hand, make it extremely easy. There are a variety of different ways to get in touch with them, even including a phone hotline!

Benefits to Using SiD Instant EFT

SiD Instant EFT is a gamechanger when it comes to making digital payments in South Africa. Thanks to services like this, it’s easier than ever to jump online and place bets, even while out and about.

Our favourite feature of SiD’s would probably be how safe these transactions are. SiD are even certified by industry-leading online security experts. Here are our picks for what we consider to be SiD Instant EFT’s biggest strengths:

Downsides to Using SiD

Like everything else in life, though, SiD isn’t quite perfect. When weighing out your options, these are the possible drawbacks to using SiD as your primary payment method on betting sites:

Alternative Payment Methods

If SiD isn’t the right payment method for you, then you might want to consider one of the other services we recommend. Here are our top picks for SiD Instant EFT alternatives:


To be perfectly honest, we can’t imagine why anyone would look elsewhere when options like SiD Instant EFT are out there. Payments are fast, safe, secure, and really easy to set up. If you’re a punter who’s looking to go from the betting shops to an online bookmaker, we recommend taking your pick from South Africa’s best SiD EFT betting sites and getting started.

SiD EFT Betting FAQs

Is SiD Instant EFT safe to use on betting sites? close icon

Yes, in fact, SiD Instant EFT is one of the safest options out there for betting site deposits and withdrawals. This is because it SiD doesn’t actually access your money, but helps speed up the connection between your account and the betting sites.

Can I make SiD Instant EFT betting site withdrawals? close icon

Yes, punters can use SiD for both deposits and withdrawals at betting sites. Deposits are instant, and withdrawals are fast, but still take up to 48 hours. Bear in mind, though, that fees may apply to withdrawals, and its best to check what your bank’s particular fees may be.

How do I make a betting deposit with SiD Instant EFT? close icon

All it takes to make an SiD betting deposit is a few, simple steps. Our illustrated, step-by-step guide above shows how you can make a deposit to an online bookmaker in less than a minute or two.

What’s the best SiD Instant EFT betting site? close icon

We’re big fans 1xBet. They have a top-notch selection of payment methods available, including SiD Instant EFT. 1xBet are a great choice for punters in South Africa, though we still recommend taking a look at our list of South Africa’s top SiD betting sites to find which bookie is best for you.

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