It takes two to make it a rivalry. MasterCard is one of the two leaders in the financial services industry, the other being VISA. You can pay with a MasterCard credit card everywhere you see the logo of MasterCard. Although, this is not the logo used by the company on a corporate level. However, in order to keep its brand image they’ve decided to use the old logo with with two spheres being fused together.

Online sportsbooks accept MasterCard by default. It’s very uncommon for an online sportsbook not to accept MasterCard as a deposit method. On the other hand, MasterCard is rarely offered as a payment method or a withdrawal method. Due to certain policies MasterCard doesn’t allow receiving payments from sports betting or gambling operators.

MasterCard in the Online Sports Betting Industry

Credit card deposits usually come at a small fee. The majority of online sportsbooks does not charge an admin fee on deposits, nor will they charge a fee on withdrawals. However, your bank will charge you a fee based on the amount you’ve deposited or withdrawn.

It’s a fast, convenient and reliable payment method that brings you the world of sports betting closer. Today, it’s very unlikely that a person doesn’t have access to a credit card, If there is, most likely it’s MasterCard.

You can obtain one in your local bank. It will be tied to your current bank account. You’ll be able to deposit directly to an online sportsbook with ease.


MasterCard’s Safety and Security

Their transaction processes comprise of state of the art security protocols to ensure maximum protection of the user’s personal and banking information. The only thing one of MasterCard’s credit card owners should care about is not giving out the card details to entities that might be a potential threat to your financial well-being.

As long as the online sportsbook is licensed and has the logo of MasterCard there’s no room for worries. Deposits made with MasterCard undergo a three step safety procedure called SecureCode. It’s also known as 3-D Secure. Although this security system was developed by VISA, MasterCard adopted it as soon as they were offered. It’s in their best interest to have the best possible safety procedures that will make their services as reliable and as efficient as possible.

For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard

Despite the fact that you might not be able to withdraw with a credit MasterCard it will give you access to a long range of online sportsbooks and you’ll be able to place real money bets whenever and wherever you want.

It’s the only solution you need to have the online sports betting experience you deserve. The bottom line is, MasterCard is widely accepted as a deposit method, but you might have to obtain an additional withdrawal method due to certain policies that are not in control of online sportsbooks.