Not Recommended / Blacklisted Online Betting Sites in 2024


Today is probably the best time to be into sports betting. The comfort, the competitive odds, the customer support and the user-friendly mobile apps are just the tip of the iceberg, followed by unique betting features and the abundance of betting promotions! However, not all betting sites have managed to maintain a good track record, and some have failed miserably on many fronts. For one or more reasons, the betting sites displayed on this page are to be avoided at all costs. There are many other online bookmakers that do a great job from the moment of registration all the way to getting your money out of the bookie.

Why Certain Online Bookmakers are to be Avoided?

One of the most common problems with not recommended betting sites is the security they offer. To be specific, it’s the time they take to complete payments. Security is a broad area, but delaying payments is straight out frustrating. You can deposit in a matter of seconds, yet you have to wait for days, weeks to get your money out.

You have a lot of options to choose from. Thanks to the World Wide Web, you do not have to settle for the first mediocre betting site you stumble upon. There are hundreds of them, and they compete for you! The ones that are listed here are not your best option, and more importantly, they’re not the only one! If you come across any information which says that a bookmaker is shady, run, look for other options. There are online sportsbooks which have cultivated a reputation and a strong brand presence, thanks to consistent performance and continuous improvements.

Probably the only other flaw besides delayed payments is operating without a license. Security is of paramount importance, and a license is more important than any odds. Just by knowing that you will get your money, you will have a more joyful betting experience. However, there are a few online betting sites which are operating without a license, yet they are visited by many punters. Then again, we should point out that these customers come from areas where online betting is illegal. As much as we’d like to put them on this list, there are people who dearly need their services.

Delayed payments, and operating without a license, the third aspect which is important are failing to provide a fair service. Voiding bets, changing odds, removing bonus funds, refusing to pay out on the vague grounds and so on, online betting site operators can be creative when it comes to avoiding their responsibilities.

Find your Next Online Bookmaker with Betting Site Reviews

In order to avoid unpleasant experiences, it’s best to let us do the hard lifting, and just go through our sportsbook reviews. We analyse the betting sites and what they have to offer in great detail. Payment options, withdrawal policy, odds quality, bonus offers and the quality of the customer support are on the menu. These comprise the most important aspects that you should consider before you join a betting site and make your first deposit.

We’d recommend sticking to the betting sites found here on our site, as each one goes through rigorous testing! We keep an eye on them and update our reviews regularly to ensure you get relevant and updated information.

Not Recommended Betting Sites FAQs

Are online betting site reviews the only way to find out whether a sportsbook is reliable? close icon

No, but it’s the easiest and the fastest way to do it. That’s our ultimate objective, to point you in the right direction, and we’re working on this every single day. Instead of getting burned by an unfair, shady bookmaker, stick to what we have to recommend. You can do all of this yourself, but it will take you hours, probably days to find the betting site you want!

What can potentially happen if I join a Not Recommended Betting Site? close icon

The possibilities are endless, but the ones that can harm you the most are discussed above, such as, delayed payments, voiding bets, voiding winnings, refusing to pay out or having to settle with poor odds, which is probably the least impactful one. We might have missed one or two, but these are the most common ones. Read our Reasons Betting Sites Get Blacklisted section to find out more about the possible pitfalls.

Which betting site do you recommend as an alternative to the sportsbooks displayed on this page? close icon

Any of the betting sites listed on our home page, and listed on any page as recommended is a viable option. If we had to pick 3, go for William Hill888sport or Unibet. Each of these has a unique advantage, which attracts a certain type of punters. Before you join any of them, check out our reviews, where you can learn more about the new customer offers and what’s in store for you!