Not Recommended Betting Sites | 2018

Blacklisted - Not Recommended Online Bookmakers

Back when the Internet wasn’t as flooded with useful information, players would get scammed and cheated away from their money by certain online sportsbooks. There weren’t many ways to find whether a sportsbook promotes fair play and player security. Nowadays, with so much information via forums and player complaints available at our fingertips, we are able to identify those who provide unfair treatment to players.

The bookmakers listed above should be avoided at all costs if you value your money.

List of Not Recommended Betting Sites

The not recommended sportsbooks are here for a very good reason. The most common reason is the inability of a sportsbooks to pay winnings to their customers. Other reasons include misleading information related to live chat, bonuses and more. Rest assured that all of our information is double-checked and we make sure to list sportsbooks we are absolutely sure of do not deserve your trust.

If you have more questions about our listing or in general, our contact information is available on the site. We are always happy to help players in need.