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The Australian Open is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, and part of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments occurring each year. This is why the tournament is referred to as the Grand Slam of the Asia and Pacific regions.

The Australian Open has the second highest attendance of all tennis tournaments, the first being the US Open. The tournament used to be played on grass until 1988, up until they switched to hard rebound ace and hard plexicushion (2008-present). Roger Federer and Serena Williams are the only players that have won the tournament on both ground types.


The Australian Open is open for competition both in the men and women categories, in singles and doubles. The current holder of the men’s singles tournament is the renowned Novak Djokovic, while Serena Williams holds the women’s title.

Given the tournament’s years of existence, the players with most titles have retired from playing a long time ago. Roy Emerson is the current top title holder with 6 titles in the men’s division, while Margaret Court is the women’s all time championship leader with 11 titles.

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The Australian Open was founded in the distant 1905 under the name Australasian Championships. The official tournament name “Australian Open” was adopted in 1969. The tournament has been held mostly in Melbourne (55 times) and Sydney (17 times), among other cities.

Due to inconvenient locations and tournament dates, some of the best tennis pros didn’t always get the chance to attend, up until 1982 when the tournament’s popularity started increasing.


The Australian Open broke through and has been long time established as one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world e.g. Grand Slam. The most recent attendance in 2015 was over 700,000. The total prize pool amounted to an outstanding 40,000,000 AUD, evenly split between the men and women divisions.

The tournament is held each year at January, officially beginning the Grand Slam season. Look forward to it as it will bring excitement to all tennis lovers due to the ever rising competition.