Check Payment Method - Trusted Online Sportsbooks Accepting Check



Checks or cheques according to the British spelling, have been around for centuries. Their origins date back to the Roman era. They’ve used something similar to transfer large amounts of money. Even to this day, in the era of technology, checks are still being used in almost every industry. The online sports betting industry is not an exception. Almost all online bookmakers use offer checks as a withdrawal method to customers who cannot obtain any other alternative payment method. Checks are rather similar to bank transfers. In most cases checks are used when the customer doesn’t have or cannot open a bank account. Nevertheless, you can request a withdrawal by check even if you have other payment methods at your disposal.

How Checks Work?

The payer, or in this case the online sportsbook, has a bank account from which the check money will be transferred once you take the check to your local bank. The funds come from the payer’s bank account. In other words, the check serves only as a validation, a proof that you’re the rightful owner. It can have your name on it, under “receiver”, along with the rest of the information that’s required. Certain check books come with an additional sheet of paper below each check. It serves as a safety measure in case someone tries to indulge in check forgery.

Checks are by far the most versatile payment methods as all it takes is access to a bank where you can cash in the check. This makes them viable in the digital era. Other more convenient, faster payment methods still can’t replace the simple to use bank checks.


Safety and Security

As long as your name is on the check, it’s highly unlikely that someone else will be able to cash it in. The biggest threat is the delivery. The check is delivered by courier, via mail. Once you have the check in your hands rest assured the money is yours. However, if the payer, the online sportsbook cancels the check you can’t cash it in. Check forgery has always been a problem, but checks have persevered as a common payment method throughout the centuries.

Checks are the last resort when it comes to payment methods, making withdrawals in particular.

Check Fees

Online bookmakers try to shun the use of checks due to the complex paperwork and safety threats. Usually this comes in the form of certain fees, higher minimum withdrawal limits. To be honest, they tend to be cost ineffective and it takes a lot of time to receive the check. However, check will always be there for you if you cannot withdraw with other payment methods. The fees range between $/£20 and $/£40. The delivery largely depends on your location. However they’re usually delivered within a period of 2 to 4 weeks.