Responsible Gambling


Responsible Gambling

Sportsbetting24 is a proud promoter of responsible gambling. We are never going to subdue to practices which will endanger you in any way possible. Our team of experienced authors follows strict guidelines and the information we put on display is in line with all responsible gambling standards. Transparency and objectivity are among our top principles which are reflected in any piece of content you see at Sportsbetting24.

Betting, including online betting, should be considered entertainment, and nothing else. It is a pastime for adults, meaning only 18+ individuals can indulge in any form of gambling, betting included.

Online Betting Site Responsible Gambling Measure

UK online betting sites are at the forefront of promoting and establishing responsible gambling measures and mechanisms. Together, with a range of responsible gambling organisations, they’ve integrated rather helpful features which track the bettor’s activity. However, there are a few that require your direct attention. Although many bettors do not take them seriously, we recommend to consider setting at least one of the below mentioned limits:

In addition, there are a few other mechanisms that have greatly reduced the level of irresponsible gambling. They are used more often than you might think, and  they are as follows:

Responsible Gambling Organisations

In the early days, responsible gambling organisations were frowned upon. However, today, they are much needed, and they have a rather important role in the online gambling industry. The dangers and the negative effects of gambling are subtle, and these advocates have invested tons of resources to point them out and put them on display. Moreover, it’s almost never too late to ask for help if you think it’s necessary.

You don’t necessarily need to be experiencing problems to visit these websites. You can learn a lot about how you can stay in control.

Responsible Gambling Week in the UK

When it comes to responsible gambling, we really can’t make any compromises. We, as a community member that is aware of the threats of excessive gambling, like to promote safe and responsible gambling, one that brings joy and excitement, without inducing any harm to players and their families. 

Responsible Gambling Week is an initiative that comes around every November. The aim is to reach out to punters and online casino players who may be experiencing issues and to help connect them with any help they may need.

If you or someone you know is exhibiting online betting behaviour that could be considered problematic, please contact one of the organisations listed above, or click the image below.

Online betting doesn’t need to be harmful. If you can manage your time and your bankroll, it can just be a hobby.

safer gambling week - responsible gambling - set your limits for time and money

If you think your behaviour, or that of a loved one, is becoming problematic, remember that there is no need to feel shame. Help and resources are available, so people don’t need to address the issue alone.

Also, remember that the organisations listed on this page are all committed to protecting your anonymity. They will not disclose any of your information to third parties without explicit consent. This means that getting help with a problem doesn’t have to damage your personal or professional reputation.

safer gambling week - responsible gambling - gambling shouldn't interfere with your personal relationships

How to Know If You are Spending too Much on Betting?

Here a few questions, which if answered objectively, will give you an idea where you stand. This is the first step towards responsible online betting!

If the answers to these questions got you thinking, you can visit any of the aforementioned responsible gambling websites and follow the instructions. Your privacy is guaranteed!