The Best Ozan Betting Sites in 2020

Founded in 2015, Ozan is a new eWallet that aims to meet all your payment needs. As with any eWallet that starts getting some attention, some bookies are starting to offer support for Ozan as a deposit and withdrawal method.

Ozan is secure, fast, and lightweight, and could be your next betting site payment method of choice!

Top Ozan Betting Site

What features does Ozan have?

  • Instant Payments – Transfer money to friends, family members, online vendors, and betting sites instantly. No delays, no waiting around.
  • Works anywhere – Whether you’re at home or on the go, Ozan works on desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and even has its own iOS and Android apps. Your money goes everywhere you do, and more!
  • Security – Ozan is another layer of protection between the internet and your bank account. Load up your Ozan account with exactly how much you want to spend.
  • Pre-Paid VISA card – Use a virtual VISA debit card for free, or pay to receive a physical card.
  • In-App currency exchange – Need some Russian Rubles? Some Australian Dollars? No problem, all it takes is a few taps, and can be done on the go through their app!

How do I register an Ozan account?

Registering an Ozan account is easy, and can be done in minutes. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your own Ozan account to use with betting sites.

  1. Head to the Ozan website, click “Sign Up” and enter your phone number and chosen password
  2. Wait for a code to be delivered to you by SMS, and input the code into the text field shown below
  3. Complete the text fields with your personal information
  4. Select and answer your security questions and click “Create Account”
  5. Click on any of the areas marked in the red box below
  6. Download the Android or iOS app to submit your personal documents and complete the registration and KYC process

How do I use Ozan with betting sites?

There are two major ways to use Ozan as your primary payment method on betting sites; either (a) the bookie supports Ozan natively and you can pay by clicking or tapping the Ozan logo, or (b) you can use your physical or virtual Ozan Debit card for an added layer of security.

Ozan integration in betting sites

This is similar to other eWallet integration, in that it’s simple and easy. We look forward to more and more bookies offering these kinds of payments in the future.

When depositing, you’ll click on the Ozan button, a pop-up will ask you to log-in to your Ozan account, choose whether you’d like to use your Ozan balance or pay through a credit card, and authorize the payment.

Using your Ozan VISA debit card

For a fee, you can order a VISA debit card linked to your Ozan account. This means that even if a bookie hasn’t integrated Ozan into their site yet, you can still benefit from Ozan’s protection and use your Ozan wallet funds with the vast majority of betting sites out there. All you need to do is choose “VISA” as your payment method, and enter your Ozan card details like you would with your regular VISA card.

How much are Ozan’s fees?

Ozan provides a lot of basic functionality for free, though there are a number of services that users can avail of that will incur fees.

Adding funds to your account, person-to-person transfers, and transfers to/from merchants are all free, which should cover the vast majority of transactions that the average user needs on a day-to-day basis.

Ozan VISA Debit Fees

Getting a virtual VISA card with Ozan is free, though a physical card will set you back a delivery fee as well as a monthly service fee.

Card Activation


Monthly Fee for virtual cards


Monthly Fee for physical cards


Physical card delivery fee


Express delivery fee

UK - £14.95

EEA - £18.90

Additional Physical Card Fee


Physical Card cancellation fee


EEA ATM withdrawal (up to £200/month)

First withdrawal per week: 🆓

Additional withdrawals: £1

EEA ATM withdrawal above £200/month


Outside EEA ATM withdrawal

First withdrawal per week: 🆓

Additional withdrawals: 1.99% (min. £2 fee)

Ozan to Bank Account Withdrawal Fee

If transferring money from your Ozan account to a UK or EEA account, then that’s classed as a SEPA payment, which incurs a fee of £2.90. If your bank supports Faster network payments, then an additional £0.50 applies.

Transfers to accounts held outside the EEA are more expensive, and customers need to pay 0.5% of the transferred amount plus a £4.90 flat fee.

Ozan Currency Conversion Fees

Any Ozan transaction that requires currency exchange is going to incur a currency exchange fee, so make sure to factor select the right currency before depositing funds to your account on a betting site.

Currency Conversion Between

Normal banking hours fee (Monday-Friday)

Non-banking hours fee (Weekends)


Interbank market rate

Interbank market rate + 0.5%

All other currencies (“Category B”)

Interbank market rate + 0.5%

Interbank market rate +2%

When exchanging currencies from different categories (e.g. GBP to RUB), the conversion rate for the base currency will apply. This means it’s cheaper to exchange a currency from Category A into Category B than it is to exchange a currency from Category B into Category A.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
✅ Extremely Safe & Secure ❌ Limited Betting Site Support
✅ Fast Deposits & Withdrawals ❌ Fees incurred when transferring from Ozan account to bank account
✅ Easy Currency Exchange ❌ Fees incurred when obtaining a physical VISA card
✅ Virtual & Physical Ozan VISA cards  

Alternatives Payment Methods

Ozan is certainly a versatile payment tool, but we understand that it might not be perfect for everyone. If you’re still weighing your options about which payment method should be your primary one, you might also want to take a look at the following:

  • Trustly
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer

Each of these payment methods have their own pros and cons, though there’s enough choice out there that there’s something for everyone.


Trustly is extremely popular with betting sites, and this Swedish-based online payment service has been fully optimized for betting. Accepted by dozens of sportsbooks, and providing instant transactions, we recommend heading to our Trustly review to help you decide if this is the payment method for you.


Punter from the UK will definitely be familiar with this one. PayPal is currently the UK’s number 1 most popular eWallet, and many have been PayPal users for well over a decade. While not as widely adopted by betting sites as we’d like, there are enough bookies that support PayPal that make it a real contender for your primary payment method. Take a look at our piece on the Best PayPal Betting Sites to see which bookies accept PayPal.


Another popular choice, Skrill is an eWallet that’s widely accepted by a number of bookies. Fast payments, a secure platform, and you can even order a MasterCard debit card connected to your account. Some bookies won’t let you participate in promotions when using Skrill, but plenty still do. Click here to read more about Skrill.

Bank Transfer

This might be the most “old fashioned” payment method, but it’s still one of the most popular with the high rollers. It isn’t as fast as most of the eWallets, but bank transfers have been getting a lot faster in recent years. Head here to look at all the pros and cons of using Bank Transfer betting sites.

Ozan Betting Sites – Frequently Asked Questions

💰 How much does Ozan cost?
Opening an account, depositing money, transferring to your friends, and paying vendors are all free! Currency exchange, transfers to bank accounts, and some other functions will incur fees, though. Read the full section on Ozan fees above, where we list all the different fees that could apply!
🤔 Can I use Ozan on my favourite betting site?
Yes! Some betting sites have Ozan eWallet payments integrated into their payments system. If they don’t, however, you can always use your Ozan VISA debit card (either virtual or physical). If you're looking for direct Ozan payments, then we recommend using STSBet, our pick for the top Ozan sportsbook.
₿ Can I use BitCoin with Ozan?
Not yet! At the time of writing, Ozan say that they’re working on BitCoin payments, and we hope to see them soon! I wouldn’t worry for now, though, as only a small number of bookies currently support BitCoin or cryptocurrency betting.