Kahnawake Licensed Betting Sites in 2020

Kahnawake is located in Quebec, Canada and since 1999 they have been a reputable jurisdiction for online gambling and online betting. Because of the nature of the location different laws apply to the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake. In Canada betting and gambling is prohibited, but this does not apply to this region because of their sovereignty. They offer their services to both land and online operators. They may be similar, but there are few very important differences that call for this kind of approach, to have one set of rules for land and another for online operators. The end result is the same, a protected customer who can have fun and entertainment in a safe environment.


Potential licensees can apply for one of the 4 available licenses which are issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. These are the following: • Interactive Gaming License – One licensee at a time can hold this type of license. Currently that’s the data center within the Mohawk Territory Mohawk Internet Technologies. • Client Provider Authorization – Online Casinos and Sportsbooks fall under this category. Most of the bookmakers you will see here are holders of this type of a license. • Secondary Client Provider Authorization – This license is for those entities that are already licensed by another jurisdiction. However for the purpose of providing their services in different jurisdictions they may apply for this license and expand their market presence. • Key Person License – A key person is a person responsible for managing issues within the entity who is a holder of a CPA license. All KPL information is kept confidential.

Prime Objectives of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

All willing applicants must follow a very clear set of rules before and during the application process. Before even the procedure has commenced there is a checkup to ensure the person in charge is a reliable one. The software that’s going to be used has to be audited before the license is granted. Once we combine these few rules we end up with fair games/systems and all winnings being paid out. The basic principles of Kahnawake are: - Payouts must be guaranteed. - All services and products offered to the customers must be with a fair nature - Geographical Criteria – The range of possible licensees is limited. Not all individuals/entities can hold a license issued by this jurisdiction. With these principles in mind and the list of available licenses every applicant can be satisfied and every player is protected. It’s the perfect mix for a safe and reliable gambling and betting environment.