Best Sports Betting Sites for the United States in 2020

The United States of America has always been strict when it comes to sports betting in physical outlet stores, which is a number of bettors in the USA resort to “bookies” in order to complete their bets. The USA government’s stand on online betting is vague, to say the least. The USA has passed a number of bills that limit gambling ads, as well as preventing American banks to perform transactions with gambling entities.

When it comes to betting in a sportsbook that allows registration of American players, you should have no concerns there, as due to proper licensing, player cannot get in trouble for betting on these sites.

The Market

Presently, there are a number of leading online sportsbooks which take bets from USA players licensed in Panama, Kahnawake and Antigua & Barbuda.

Because of offshore licensing, these bookmakers do not fall under USA laws, meaning players are allowed to freely bet using them, although your state’s age restrictions may apply.

Rules and Regulations

As we mentioned before, the USA has strict policies in place that prohibit sports betting .The only states where wagering on sports is allowed are Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana.

 For online betting purposes, you have offshore licensed sportsbooks that will suit your needs, whereas you will not find online sportsbooks licensed in the USA.


The USA requires all winnings as an outcome of betting to be reported as income, and be properly taxed. Therefore, there is no fixed tax on winnings, and it depends on the amount of your winnings by the end of each year. You are best advised you keep track of your gambling sessions if you plan on betting long-term.

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