Betting Sites Accepting Players from Curacao in 2020

Curacao is an 800 km2 island that has its gates open to all willing potential sportsbook operators since the distant 1996. Since its territory doesn’t allow any other industries to develop they had to adapt to their situation and start moving towards providing flexible legislations to attract online businesses. Today it’s not only a destination for sportsbook operators, but it’s also a liberal haven for bettors. As a resident of Curacao you have access to the listed online sports books.

Betting Sites accepting customers from Curacao

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Rules and Regulations

The law states that the residents of Curacao cannot bet on any event that’s taking place on their soil at a sportsbook that’s licensed by Curacao. If the sportsbook wants to offer odds for an event of this kind they have to file a special request before they do so. Besides this there are no other distinctive limitations imposed at Curacaos.

All your sports betting activities are tracked and reported to the authorities. The authorities of Curacao prohibit their licensees to accept wagers on horse racing. Therefore, if you stumble upon some Curacao licensed sportsbook offering horse racing you better double check if that’s their only license; otherwise you better go elsewhere for your horse racing bets.

The Market

Considering the size of the country and the number of people living there we can’t talk much about the market overall. Most of the betting enthusiasts instead of visiting their local betting outlets seek excitement elsewhere at some international online sports book.

That being said, there’s a huge number of sportsbooks that accept wagers from Curacaos.


You don’t have to pay any taxes on any winnings made whatsoever. The sportsbooks pay net corporate income tax of only 2%. This allows them to provide their customers with tax free winnings and still make huge profits. Betting at a sportsbook licensed in Curacao can be the reason for bigger winnings in the long run because they are tax free.