Online Betting Sites in Austria in 2020

The Government of Austria has had a rather liberal approach to sports betting ever since bookmakers showed up on their grounds. It is one of the wealthiest countries in the whole world and as such it provides fertile soil for bookmakers. On the other hand, the casino industry does not have the same conditions which would otherwise let it flourish. Casino operators, both land and online are facing rigorous control and are closely monitored by the government.

Austrians can place their bets wherever they want. The bookmaker does not necessarily have to be licensed in Austria. However, bookmakers of this kind cannot advertise their services. The Government came up with this decision in order to protect the domestic sportsbook operators. This can be justified with the fact that Austrian licensed bookmakers pay taxes whereas foreign online sportsbooks do not. 

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Rules and Regulation

If an operator wants to open a bet shop or one of the more popular inventions of the Austrians the sportsbook cafes it needs to get licensed first. From there on it’s pretty much simple. The operator pays for the license and reports on an annual basis and in exchange the government allows the sportsbook to advertise and operate its functions hassle free.

Certain bookmakers made an attempt to find loopholes in the Austrian regulations for sports betting. International bookmakers started merging with Austrian licensed ones in order to be allowed to advertise themselves.

In the end what matters the most to you is that as an Austrian you can bet wherever you want. It’s not of the government’s concern.

The Market

Currently the leader among land based sportsbooks in Austria is Admiral. They have over 200 betting cafes and more than 1000 employees all over Austria. Since it’s one of the most liberal sports betting markets if you reside in Austria you have a long array of bookmakers to choose from. Certainly you will opt for the one that offers the highest odds. Some countries restrict their residents to bet at bookmakers that are licensed by given jurisdictions. This is none of your concern as you can bet on at all international (as long as it’s not against the operator’s policy) and domestic sportsbooks.


Some countries require bettors to pay taxes on their betting winnings. Usually the tax rate is around 5-10%. Fortunately, bettors in Austria can fully enjoy in 100% of their winnings without paying anything to the tax authorities. The sportsbooks make up for this as they are the ones that are concerned with the fiscal policy and the tax authority knocks on their door.