Group F - Euro Cup

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Last, but by all means not least is the group F where we can find Austria, Hungary, Iceland and Portugal. Thanks to the expanded format of 24 teams here we have two nations who are appearing in a major tournament for the first time in recent history, Iceland and Hungary. Austria can become the biggest surprise of the Euro Cup, whereas Portugal has a lot to prove. It seems like all of these clubs have much to lose and a lot to win. It all depends on their performance on the court.


Austria finished the qualifying round with spectacular 28 points. Their home match with Sweden ended up with a tie, whereas the other 9 games resulted in a victory on their end. Most likely their dominance will reflect in the group stage of the Euro Cup, mainly due to the fact that besides Portugal, the other two teams do not look that promising to begin with. David Alaba may become the next superstar. The Euro Cup looks like the perfect opportunity for him to show his finest qualities. Austria is the potential surprise you should watch out for. Bet on them and take advantage of the higher than usual odds. Austria may not be keen on offense, but that’s why their defense is exceptional.


The Hungarian squad has no football players that stand out, yet we’re going to see them in France. Furthermore, none of their players can take the pressure on his shoulders and lead them to victory. The finished the qualifying round with 16 points only, after they’ve successfully passed the play-offs. It’s the chance of a lifetime, they better use it wisely. Hungary is the underdog in the Group F of the Euro Cup 2016. The only thing they can do is make Portugal and Austria have a bad time and give them a rough ride.

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Eidur Gudjohnsen, the 37 year old football player who once played for Chelsea is the captain of this small island country. Their chances of moving to the knockout phase of the final tournament are unenviable. Then again, they are one of the teams that are still in play in the Euro Cup. If they somehow manage to overcome the challenges in front of them in the group stage they are going to be one great surprise.


Portugal has been very unlucky in the past several major football tournaments, including the World Cup and the Euro Cup. 12 years ago, they were the runner ups, unfortunately Greece stole the title from them in the last game. In 2012 Portugal ended their journey as 3rd. This is probably Ronaldo’s last chance to prove that he’s worthy to be called the best world class player. He has proven himself in Real Madrid, but can he do it on a national level, that is the question.

Odds and Predictions - Group F - Euro Cup 2016

Austria is one of the few potential surprises that are able to make something out of their journey in France. The odds for Austria to win the Euro Cup in France are 33/1; Portugal has better odds of 20/1. However, we think that Austria will do much better than Portugal. Iceland and Hungary are nowhere near the trophy with odds of 80/1 and 250/1 respectively.

According to our predictions Austria and Portugal will advance to the next stage of the tournament and Hungary and Iceland will have to settle for memories of the group stage only.