Group C - Euro Cup

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In Group C you’ll find the current World Cup champions, Germany. Their squad hasn’t changed all that much, the team that wins simply doesn’t  change. Besides the world champions, there are Northern Ireland, Poland and Ukraine. It’s easy to conclude that the Germans are the favorites in Group C. Who will be the runner up? We’ll take the liberty to predict that Poland will sit firmly in the 2nd place and they’ll safely move into the knockout phase of the Euro 2016 tournament.


Joachim Low’s squad showed outstanding performance 2 years ago. Their crushing victory over Brazil will be retold time and times again. They virtually humiliated one of the best teams in the world which at the same time was the host of the World Cup. Germany is the powerhouse. Their discipline, skill, experience and team spirit are what makes them one of the prime contenders for the Euro Cup trophy. It’s a squad full of superstars like Mario Gotze, Toni Kross and Thomas Muller. Philip Lahm, Per Mertascker and Miroslav Klose have retired from their national duty after their absolute domination in Brazil.

Northern Ireland

This is their first appearance in a major football event. The best way they can start this magnificent journey in the Euro Cup 2016 is to surprise us in their first game against Poland. They are the squad that performed better than Romania in the qualifying round. Northern Ireland’s presence in the Euro Cup might be due to the absence of world class squads in their group. Regardless, they are here, in the Group C and they are their national heroes. They don’t have much to prove so they are just going to give the best they got.

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All eyes are on Bayern Munich’s striker Robert Lewandowski. He is their captain and he is Poland’s super star that has the complete weight on his shoulders. Robert can settle the score whenever he gets the chance. The qualifying round wasn’t as pleasant as one might expect. With 3 tie matches and one defeat, they managed to secure their spot for the Euro Cup 2016. Poland and Germany were part of the same qualifying group. A fact that might be of great interest to you is the number of goals scored by the Polish squad. That’s 33 goals in 10 games.


Anatoliy Tymoushchuk is Ukraine’s captain. He is 37 years old, has almost 20 years of experience as a professional football player. Hopefully, he’s a leader, but it takes much more than that to advance to the knockout phase of the tournament. Ukraine got their spot for the Euro Cup solely because Spain, the current Euro Cup champion was ranked as 1st in their group. They have the opportunity to prove even squads without stars can show great play. When all is said and done, Ukraine along with Northern Ireland, is the underdog in group C of the Euro Cup.

Odds and Predictions – Group C – Euro Cup 2016

Predicting that Germany will have a smooth, joyful ride in the group stage is an easy statement to make. Poland should accompany them in the knockout phase since they got the strike force it takes to crush small teams like Northern Ireland or seemingly powerless squads like Ukraine. Bookmakers around the world think Germany is probably the Euro champion giving them odds of 7/2 or 4.50. So far, only France is ahead of them.  Ukraine comes with odds of 100/1, Poland with 50/1 and Northern Ireland is way down at the bottom with 250/1.

Can Ukraine and the absolute underdog Northern Ireland do something and make Germany and Poland’s ride a bumpy one.