Group B - Euro Cup

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Group B of the Euro Cup 2016 promises several interesting matches that will end with a lot of goals. For example, the English squad with James Vardy as the key striker will score a ton of goals. Betting on 2.5+ goals is the safest bet you can place, especially when they’re going to duel Slovakia and Wales. On the other hand, there’s the Welsh super star Gareth Bale, who has much to prove. It seems like the success of the whole squad on his shoulders. Then again we expect him to shine like no one else. The Russians are a tough opponent to crack and they’ll have to go the distance if they want to move on to the knockout phase. Without any doubts, the Slovakians are the underdogs in Group B.


The English have a long football history. It’s the place where football originated. Despite the rich football history and the full trophy room they haven’t won a single major football tournament in years. They’ve continually had top-notch squads with mega football stars who can deliver, but failed every single time. Roy Hodgson took the rudder in 2012 after Fabio Capello failed to win the World Cup in Brazil, despite having an outstanding team of players. Betting on the English is a safe call, however, the odds can be rather low and it doesn’t seem profitable. In addition to this, they can be very inconsistent. Wayne Rooney is the captain of the squad. Will he take them to the finals?


Russia will start their Euro Cup adventure versus England on the 11th of June in Marseille. The odds are in England’s favor, but the Russian bear can put serious pressure on The Three Lions. With the exception of Roman Neustadter, the complete Russian line-up consists of players who are playing in the national Russian football league. This can be considered as a serious problem for their opponents since they are not familiar with their style of play. It’s a surprise we’re not going to see Denis Cheryshev as a part of the Russian squad in France.

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Their spot was not guaranteed up to the very last moment. Ukraine was only 3 points behind them. They don’t have any major football achievements, but we expect them to give their best and scoop as many points as possible with hope to enter into the knockout phase. Entering the knockout phase will be their biggest football success. Martin Skrtel who plays for Liverpool is the captain. His experience is what Slovakia needs to become a pleasant surprise in the Euro Cup 2016. Skrtel has Napoli’s star Hamsik’s services who will be a crucial segment of the squad.


Wales is the third oldest football national squad. Currently they are ranked as 8th on the FIFA ranking list. With the introduction of Gareth Bale success followed. He takes the responsibility for the success of Wales and so far he’s done a great job. This is their first appearance in a major football competition.

They lack experience playing at a high level. However, they have numerous players who are part of big clubs competing at the highest level. Besides Gareth Bale, their opponents should watch out for Aaron Ramsey and Andy King, who won the Premier League with Leicester.

Odds and Predictions – Group B – Euro Cup 2016

England will for sure pass the group stage. Placing a bet that England will win the Euro Cup 2016 can bring you a prize of 9 times your bet. The odds of 8/1 or 9.00 seem fair. To be frank, they have the means to win the cup. Wales and Slovakia come with odds of 66/1 (67.00) and 150/1 (151.00) respectively. According to bookmakers Russia has the same odds of winning the cup as Wales, ergo the 66/1 odds.

The 1st place in the group B may be reserved for the English, but you who will take the 2nd position? Wales and Russia look like serious contenders. If Slovakia manages to go into the knockout phase it will be a huge surprise.