Group A - Euro Cup

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The host of the Euro Cup 2016, France, is in the Group A along with Romania, Switzerland and the pleasant surprise Albania. France and Romania will open the Euro Cup on the 10th of June on the magnificent Stade de France. The French will most likely scoop 3 points right off the bat. These squads have different backgrounds and because of it we expect to see very exciting games.


Albania was fortunate enough in the late games of the qualifying round to somehow get their ticket to France 2016. Although they had serious competition in the qualifying round like Denmark and Serbia, Albania and Portugal were the squads that secured their place in the Euro 2016. The Albanian national squad showed us what team spirit and cooperation can do even when playing on the highest competitive level. Albania is the underdog in the Group A of the Euro Cup 2016, but they can turn into a dark horse in an instant. Don’t underestimate them, because they already are a surprise.


The last time France was a host of a major football competition was back in 1998 when they won the World Cup in a very close game versus Brazil. They are the dominant squad in the Group A considering their past results and the fact that they are actually playing at home. The home stadium advantage can be crucial for the moral of the players. One of their key players, Karim Benzema will miss the Euro Cup, however, the French have a well balanced team that can do wonders with the help of the home crowd. History tends to repeat. It wouldn’t be a surprise if France takes the Euro Cup trophy, they did in 1998 with the World Cup, they can do it again.

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Romania did not have any major competition in the qualifying round.  To be honest, they were in the weakest group. Furthermore, they proved to be inconsistent, failing to beat underdogs like Hungary, and showing poor play versus Finland and Faroe Islands. This is the final tournament, this is the end line. Only the best have gotten their spot in the Euro Cup. That being said, we expect Romania to have a tough time dealing with the Swiss and the French and we expect the match versus Albania to end in a tie.


From the very first moment the whole football community knew that Switzerland along with England will go to France. Switzerland was in the group E of the qualifying round where they encountered Estonia, Lithuania, San Marino and their fiercest competitors England and Slovenia. With a cushion of 4 points ahead of Slovenia the Swiss got their spot in the Euro 2016. It’s a football squad with stars that can change the score by themselves. As we mentioned earlier the Swiss along with French will most likely go into the knockout phase.

Odds and Predictions – Group A – Euro Cup 2016

We expect to see a great play by the Albanian football players, but is the team spirit going to be enough to come on top of Romania and Switzerland. We doubt they will beat the French due to the high difference in their performance. After all, the French are the hosts and they will use this to their advantage in any way imaginable.

France comes with odds of 3/1 or 4.00 to win the Euro Cup 2016. According to bookmakers from all around the world the Albanians have the least chances of winning the cup with odds of 300/1 or 301. Romania stands at 150/1 and if you bet on the Swiss you’ll win 51 times your bet.