Wales VS. Slovakia Prediction 11.06.2016

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This match will take place on the 2nd day of the Euro Cup. It’s one of the first close matches that doesn’t have a favorite, which means there’s no underdog either. Wales’s leading super star Gareth Bale is the biggest danger for the Slovakian goalkeeper. On the other hand, Slovakia showed both consistency and the ability to go the distance if that’s necessary. They know how to keep their goal safe from danger and in the same time they can score very valuable goals. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a match with an undecided score up until the


This is Wales’s first match in the Euro Cup in general. So far they’ve appeared only in one major football tournament, the World Cup in the distant 1958. Ever since then Wales hadn’t got an opportunity to show their worth in a major football tournament. During the qualifying round matches, Wales proved to have a stout defense, conceding only 4 goals in 10 games. They’ve also kept the scored goals count rather low as well, in fact they scored only 11 goals. Regardless of the goal count, they got their spot in the Euro Cup. All eyes are turned at Gareth Bale, the superstar who plays in Madrid. He’s fast like a lightning bolt and he is the biggest danger for the Slovakian goalkeeper. That’s not all. Aaron Ramsey would probably have a word or two. Arsenal’s midfielder is at his prime. This is his chance to show he is a world class football player.

If the defense does its job properly, we expect Wales to be the better team at the end of the 90 minute period.

Probable line-up:


Due to their short “individual” history this is also Slovakia’s first appearance in the Euro Cup. They had a smooth journey through the qualifying round, without any major difficulties, although they ended up 2nd in the group, right behind the current Euro Champion Spain. The Slovakian national football seems to praise the same play style like Wales does. They also tend to value their own goal more than scoring one. Due to this fact solely we expect to see no more than 2 goals in this game.

We can’t point some major football stars coming from Slovakia, at least in the current squad, besides Martin Shrtel, who’s also the captain of the squad. The experienced Liverpool defender will have a tough task to keep Gareth Bale at bay.

Probable line-up:

Wales VS Slovakia – Odds and Predictions

As much as we would like to try to predict what team will be the victor, we’d rather opt for placing a bet on the goal count. There will be 1 or 2 goals at the most. It’s still too early in the group stage in the final tournament to take any unnecessary risks, such as opening their defensive lines and go all out on attack.

Despite Slovakia’s firm defense, Wales will most likely overcome them and score. The game should develop in the 2nd halftime of the match. Concentration starts to fall and world class players such as Bale or Ramsey can show their finest capabilities.

If you’re risk averse when it comes to sports betting place a bet on the goal line, under 2.5 goals with odds of around 1.44 or 4/9. On the other hand, if you want to kick it up a notch, a correct score of 1-0 in the favor of Wales looks promising, with odds of 6.50 or 11/2.

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