Ukraine VS Northern Ireland Prediction 16.06.2016

In Group C Euro Cup by on June 8, 2016


This is another match that caught our attention. Despite the fact that it’s not a very attractive match in terms of football stars nor its very popular, the betting odds make it worthy of your and our time. Both teams showed outstanding performance in their last 5 control matches before the group stage of the final tournament. It seems like they are preparing to make some sort of miracle and catch the favorites off-guard. Nevertheless, this is the match in which these teams can win valuable 3 points that will eventually take them to the knockout stage.


The Ukrainian football national team may have under performed in the qualifying round, finishing 3rd in the group. Fortunately, they went the distance and manage to qualify for the Euro Cup 2016 in the play-off. However, in their last 5 control matches that took not long ago, Ukraine showed a totally different play style that revolves around fast counter attacks and a lot of goals, both scored and conceded. It seems like Mikhaylo Fomenko, the head coach of the Ukraine national football team realized that they should make some amendments in their approach on the pitch.

In major football tournaments the goal count is very important indicator for the current form of the squad. For example, Ukraine scored 10 goals in 5 matches and conceded only 5. This leads us to believe that they’re going to push their defensive line a bit forward, trying to pressure their opponent. This can only mean one thing, a lot of goals.

Probable line-up:

Northern Ireland

Considering this Norther Ireland’s first appearance in an international football tournament we can confidently expect them to be under severe pressure. Unlike Ukraine, Northern Ireland’s strategy is based on stout defense. Offense is not their primary concern, though it should be. No team can rely solely on defense. Just as an illustration. In their last game they played against Slovakia, a squad that also values defense. As you might’ve expected, the game finished with a draw with a final score 0-0. It only takes one little mistake and Northern Ireland can be on the losing end.

This match, including their encounter with Poland is Northern Ireland’s way to the knockout stage. They will have to do everything in their power and give their best performance in this particular game. These are some valuable points they probably can win.

Probable line-up:

Ukraine VS Northern Ireland – Odds and Predictions

One of the main reasons why we expect this game to be played with a lot of passion is the presence of Germany in this group. With no doubts they will crush each and every opponent that comes in their way, leaving no room for surprises. Due to the volatility of the match we recommend betting on the goal line instead of the victor. For the purpose of entertainment, we recommend to bet on Ukraine to be the winner and to score two goals or more. The odds for Ukraine to be the winner are around the 1.60 mark or 3/5. You can expect a lot more if you add the goal line as well.

Another betting option you can go for is to bet on both teams to score, however, we think this is highly unlikely to happen. Bookmakers also think this is highly unlikely to happen. The odds of 2.50 or 3/2 are very appealing!

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