Turkey VS Croatia Prediction 12.06.2016

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Thanks to the new format, Turkey got a spot at the Euro Cup 2016. Otherwise, they would’ve been left out of the final tournament ranked as 3rd in the qualifying round. On the other hand, there’s Croatia, almost a standard in both the World Cup tournaments and the Euro Cup. They have a rich football history, despite having a history that’s not longer than 30 years. They’ve appeared numerous times in both the World Cup and the Euro Cup. Croatia can’t become a surprise since they are already considered as a top notch football team.


Turkey is another standard participant in the Euro Cup since 1996. This was the beginning of the somewhat golden age of Turkish football on an international level. Currently, they’re not in their best shape, but this doesn’t mean they can’t cause trouble for the Croatian national squad. There’s one particular player who will most likely be the next star on the European football sky, that’s Oguzhan Ozyakup. His dribbling skills are out of this world. This is his chance to prove the skills he has.

The qualifying round was rather rough for them. Turkey reserved its ticket to France in the play-off ranked as 3rd. However, they were the best out of all 3rd ranked competitors. Considering this situation, we see them as the underdog in this match against the mighty and hard to beat Croatia. The best outcome Turkey can expect in this game is a tie.

Probable line-up:


Croatia, or as they are commonly referred to as the Blazers should overcome the Turkish with a little effort. They have a squad full with experienced and top-notch players that can compete at the highest competitive level. Mario Mandzukic, Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Mateo Kovacic will most likely be in the spotlight and they’ll take most of the highlights in the match. All of them are already considered as world class players, conceding a goal against Turkey shouldn’t be a tough task for them. They can individually turn the tides and settle the score, if that becomes necessary.

The Croatian squad consists of both experienced and young players who are thirsty for victory. Maybe this is the tournament when the Croatian national team will make a miracle and take away the trophy, or some of the medals at the very least.

Probable line-up:

Turkey VS Croatia – Odds and Predictions

We expect this to be the first match of the Euro Cup 2016 with a plethora of goals. There should be a rain of goals, considering the striking power of the Blazers. The Turkish squad will be under pressure at all times. It’s going to be rather difficult for them to keep all of the potential Croatian goal scorers at bay. Croatia will be the victor of the game, there’s no doubt about that, but we like to take the stakes higher.

If you’re opting for the safe path, bet on Croatia to be the winner of the game with odds of 2.10 or 11/10. If this is not enough for you, place a bet on the correct score, we vouch for 1:3 in favor of Croatia.

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