The Premier League Is Underway

In Premier League by on August 17, 2015


It’s that time of the year again, as the summer break is setting sights towards its finish line; the football season begins to loom over, to the pleasure of fans all around the world. I can’t fathom the number of fans eagerly anticipating the new season of the world’s most esteemed sport, and the Barclays Premier League is the first to set this joy upon us.


A bit of backstory for the uninitiated. The Barclays PL is England’s most prestigious Football competition, where twenty teams face off against each other over a nine month period, filled with excitement, drama and passion. One team will take the first place trophy, some will be content with qualifying for one of two European cup positions, and sadly; some will be relegated. It is a battle of strategy and passion that began in 27 May 1992, the date on which the FA Premier League was formed as we know it today. The most successful club in Premier League history is Manchester United, and an interesting tidbit is that despite the fact the EPL is an English competition, no English manager has lead a club to the much desired trophy. Will this season break the curse? Quite unlikely, as the top four consisting of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea is entirely led by foreign managers.
You can assuredly take the first round of games’ performance as indicators of The Premier League is considered the host of the world’s most attractive national league football, according to fans everywhere, not just in England. This is due to the tough competition, and thrilling season endings which may leave you questioning the champion until the very last minute. This was the case in the iconic Manchester City last minute goal to triumph over WBA and win their first ever title since 1968, in the season of 2011-12.
The 2015-16 English Premier League season marked its start on August 8th, and what a start it was. Tons of goals, unpredictable results and above all, action-packed games – these are the markings of a season start, which never fail to please crowds everywhere.
Last year’s 8th place finisher Swansea managed to achieve a hard-fought draw from the defending champions, Chelsea, on Stamford Bridge. Newcomers Watford also managed to accomplish the same results against Everton, which were favorites coming in to the match, with a draw of 2-2. Fans were shocked on The Emirates stadium, as West Ham managed to win against Arsenal with a score of 0-2, while Liverpool and Manchester United both started their season in good fashion with wins of 1-0 over Stoke and Tottenham, respectively.
what is to come, and see for yourself, if you haven’t before, why the EPL is so closely watched by fans around the globe.


Many football fans are content with kicking back on a match day afternoon, watching a couple of games of their favorite teams or just enjoying the show from a neutral perspective. Some fans, which you may find yourself to be a part of, like to spice up their spectatorship with staking real money into the action. This raises the adrenaline of watching, and makes those amazing moments that happen in a football match, all the more enjoyable, or all the more devastating.

You are best advised to abstain on placing bets on the first few rounds of matches, unless you like taking a risk. Teams may still be settling in after the transfer period and the summer break. Quite possibly the desired chemistry between players may not be there yet. A new manager may try to employ new tactics, which may bring success, but they may also bring failure. Therefore, take these factors in consideration, and choose wisely on where to pursue a multiplication of your initial stake.
If you’re unsure on where to bet on, choose a suitable Sportsbook to your needs in our reviews section, where you can also collect information on which bonuses are available to you, in order to get started with an excellent bankroll.


As a football fan, you may be extremely passionate about your favorite club, therefore your emotional investment can be quite high, which directly affects your mood on how your team performs. Some fans are not so invested, but still like to watch a good match occasionally as a way to pass the time. Regardless of your feelings toward the sport, one thing we can all agree on; Football is a fantastic enhancement of life, which brings joy to the hearts of many.

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