Sweden VS Belgium Prediction 22.06.2016

In Group E Euro Cup by on June 13, 2016


Group E of the Euro Cup 2016 will climax with the encounter between Sweden and Belgium on the 22nd of June. This late in the group stage most of the teams that will advance to the knockout stage of the tournament are going to be well known, but group E should tell a different story. Sweden is the underdog in this match, but this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that this is not going to be an exciting match, especially when we know that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be present. Belgium was the dark horse in the previous Euro Cup . This time around they showed us a different level of play quality that’s nowhere near what we saw 4 years ago.


Sweden was the unfortunate team to be drawn in the so called “group of death”. Most football experts deem this will be the prime reason why they won’t advance to the knockout stage of the tournament. Then again, they have the capacity to deal with any challenge that comes in their way. Sweden plays confidently against weaker squads, teams that do not have the experience or the means to play well. Whenever they stumble upon a team of Belgium’s quality they rarely come on top. Considering the importance of this match it can go either way. If Belgium has the points needed to advance further, Sweden might scoop 3 or at least 1 point. However, if Beligum’s survival is in danger, the Swedes will stay empty handed.

Regardless f how this match will end, they still have a decent chance to enter the knockout stage with the playoffs if they finish the group stage ranked as the 3rd.

Probable line-up:


Belgium probably has the youngest football players on average in the Euro Cup 2016. This is a brand new generation that already has quite a lot of experience in competitions at the highest level, but not on an international one representing their home country.

Belgium is the main contender to take the 2nd place in group E with Italy finishing the group stage as 1st. Furthermore, considering Belgium’s victory over Sweden in their friendly game 2 years ago, the Red Devils will definitely triumph on the Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice. It’s an all around team with top notch defenders, agile midfielders and accurate strikers. The danger comes from all sides. The Swedish defense will have a lot of trouble trying to hold-off any incoming danger.Eden Hazard will be the captain of the Belgium squad, because Vincent Kompany has suffered an injury. Until his return Eden will have the utmost responsibility to keep the morale high among his peers. This is the Euro Cup, the morale can change the outcome and the course of the game.

It’s going to be an exciting game, nevertheless. Regardless of the outcome, we expect to see an exciting match.

Probable line-up:

Sweden VS Belgium – Odds and Predictions

We’re going to bet our money on Belgium. They are the favorites and it’s easy to conclude that they have better chances of winning the 3 points if they need them. Then again, the events that will take place up until the start of the match can be a factor as well. If Belgium has the opportunity to give their best players a rest, Sweden might have the edge to make a miracle.

To wrap it up, we recommend you to place a bet on Belgium at odds of 1.80 or 4/5. Note, Belgium is known for averaging at 3 goals per game in total.