Romania VS Albania Prediction 19.06.2016

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Romania is the favorite on paper and they have the necessary experience to come on top in the match against Albania. However, their opponent Albania is a newcomer to the Euro Cup and we can’t be certain that they will let the Romanians take away 3 points easily. What’s more important to know is that the Albanians will be very motivated. The morale of the squad can be crucial in games played at the highest level such as this one.


Why do we consider Romania as a favorite only on paper? Their 5 last control matches that took place not long ago, were a huge disappointment since they fail to beat Congo and they lost a very close match against the somewhat decent Ukraine squad. Their best result was the match against Spain that finished with a tie. In the past Romania had been just another football team that was just a participant in the group stages. This time around they came to France to achieve what they haven’t achieved before. Not that the Albanians are not in the Euro Cup to make a surprise, it’s just that they already managed to make history. The Romanian football players will be under pressure, which means they can easily lose focus. In the qualifying round and in the control matches Albanians showed us they can punish this sort of mistakes.

The bottom line is, regardless of their poor past performance Romania is a tough nut to crack, especially when they play against top-notch teams. They have the status of the favorite in the match against Albania and we’re also going to vouch for them.

Probable line-up:


Despite the fact that the Albania football squad has little to no chance at all to come on top, miracles can happen and they will for sure score at least one goal. This notion leads us to recommend the bet both teams to score. The current squad plays for the pride of their nation, just like the rest of the teams, but the Albanian squad has a lot of support of their countrymen. They are heroes already. Imagine what can happen on the court when you have nothing to worry about, nobody will judge your performance. They obviously do have the support and the team spirit to try and advance to the knockout stage.

Quite a lot of their players are currently playing for renowned European football clubs such as Napoli, Basel, Lazio and other clubs that compete with the best in Europe. Their experience will be crucial once they go out on the Parc Olympique Lyonnais.

Probable line-up:

Romania VS Albania – Odds and Predictions

We’re going to agree with other bookmakers and football analysts on this one. Romania will be the better team in the match against Albania. It’s their only option if they want to play in the knockout stage, or go in the playoffs and eventually get their ticket to the next phase.

Bet on Romania with odds at staggering 2.10 or 11/10! If you are hesitant about placing a bet on what team will be victorious, or you want to see an exciting match with a lot of goals, we recommend to bet on both teams to score and 2.5+ goals at odds of 2.55 or 31/20.

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