Republic of Ireland VS. Sweden Prediction 13.06.2016

In Group B Euro Cup by on June 7, 2016


There are matches in which there’s a clear favorite and underdog that’s going to take the hit. This time around, we’re going to see two national football squads that can both take a hit, but they can also make the punch. Sweden has a furious offense, whereas the Republic of Ireland is consistent. They know how to defend their end of the court. This match can go either way, which means it’s rather volatile, ergo the high odds.

Republic of Ireland

The Republic of Ireland has been part of the Euro Cup two times already, however, they never got into the knockout stage of the final tournament. We doubt they’ll manage to succeed in that now, but there’s always a chance, especially if they manage to win a point or 3 in their encounter with Sweden. That will bring them one step closer to achieving the best result they’ve had so far in the European international competition.

Robbie Keane is the most experienced player in their squad. Although experienced, his best years are well behind him. However, he can still be a great danger for Sweden’s goalkeeper Andreas Isaksson. This is not a team made out of football stars, yet the biggest surprises come from teams like this.

Nevertheless, they are going out on the Stade de France on the 13th of June. We have no doubts that the Boys in Green will do their best to make Sweden’s day a miserable one.

Probable line-up:


On the other side of the football court, there’s Sweden. They also got their way in the Euro Cup 2016 ranked as 3rd in the qualifying group. Their overall quality is marginally better than Ireland’s. Due to this we and bookmakers alike view them as the favorite. However, they are a favorite only on paper. We’ve witnessed situations when these so called favorites on paper suffer devastating defeats against incognito football players.

The controversial world star Zlatan Ibrahimovc can for sure do miracles on the football pitch. We all remember his magnificent goal in the last World Cup. That’s just one of his masterpieces. This is probably his last chance to win a medal in a major football tournament. The success of the Swedish team is on his shoulders. Considering Ireland’s defense and their capabilities Zlatan will for sure score a goal in this match. You might as well place a bet that he’s going to score at least one goal.

Probable line-up:

Ireland VS Sweden – Odds and Predictions

Bookmakers have spoken, Sweden is the favorite. We’re going to bet on them, but we’re also going to back our bet with another one. It all depends on the start of the match, in other words the first half time. This is a big moment for Ireland’s players and just because of this we think that the Swedes will be able to catch them off-guard and score an early goal. If this happens, there’s going to be a landslide victory for the Swedes, scoring at least 3 goals. The best way to take advantage of this information is to place an in-play bet.

To wrap it up, we’re betting on the Swedes. The odds should be around the 2.20 mark or 6/5. We expect them to play safe, but on the offense. After all, offense is the best defense. If you’re not fond of predicting and betting on what team will be the victor, opt for a bet both teams to score with odds of 2.20 or 6/5 as well. We think that bookmakers have made a grave mistake by setting the odds so high.

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