Premier League – Week 1 – Odds and Predictions 13.08.2016

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Believe it or not, the Premier League is back! There are some exciting matches from week one. As always, we keep a watchful eye and we bring you the most accurate information along our own prediction.The initial matches are probably the most fruitful, the players have had a good rest and are thirsty for victory. Leicester is the current Premier League champion, exactly one year ago, they were considered as underdogs. This time around they are the favorites.

The changes at the top of the leaderboard will be apparent. Everything in due time. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at each of the matches that will be held on Saturday from week 1 of the Premier League. Don’t worry, there’s another article, which includes the analysis for the remainder of the matches that take place on Sunday and Monday.

Hull City vs. Leicester City

These two clubs were part of the English Championship Dividision for quite some time. After a lot of ups and downs they’re part of the best English football competition, the Premier League. Hull City has returned to the Premier League yet again, after a short stay in the Championship division. Although it seems like the battle of David and Goliath, Hull has proven that they can make a real mess if they get the room to do so. Regardless, Leicester is the favorite.

Head to Head Performance

As we said earlier, most of their encounters were in the Championship and only 2 in the Premier League. Leicester were the more fortunate on one occasion, whereas the other encounter ended with the least popular result of 0-0. Hull City is on a winning spree after their 7 friendly matches, which have certainly raised their spirits high. On the other hand, Leicester felt the bitter end in the International Champions Cup versus the grand Barcelona and PSG.

N’Golo Kante left the ranks of Leicester and moved to Chelsea. This is the only major transfer that’s worthy of noting. Hull hasn’t made any changes whatsoever.

In their past 5 encounters which took place over the course of 4 years, Leicester City was the better with 2 victories and 3 draws. However, we can’t consider this as a reliable information since Leicester’s advent took place last year.

Hull City vs. Leicester City 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

Feel free to back Leicester as they are the reigning champions that will for sure squash the little Hull City. Bet on Leicester to win against Hull City at 2.20 or 6/5 at Bet365. Other markets can be tricky, that’s why we want to keep it simple.

Burnley vs. Swansea

The host of this match is one of the recently promoted clubs, as such, they can be unpredictable, at least that’s what Leicester taught us some time ago. Burnley shares the same path as Hull City. They too had a short stay in the Championship division. Burnley’s opponent, Swansea, is a tough nut to crack, even for high valued clubs like Manchester City for instance. They ended the previous season well above the relegation line, but also below any of the spots that could’ve taken them out in Europe.

Head to Head Performance

You can look at it as you will, but Swansea is better, both on paper and on the pitch. These two clubs don’t have a long history, but even when they encountered Swansea were the better on 4 occasions, Burnley managed to beat Swansea once, whereas the remainder of their encounters ended in a draw.

Swansea showed us they play a lot better when encountering a high quality club that can be rather predictable. This is Burnley, it’s not Arsenal or Manchester United. However, Burnley is no match for the Swans.

There aren’t any major changes in their ranks, including both Swansea City and Burnley.

Burnley vs. Swansea City 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

The home crowd is always a big advantage. Even the biggest clubs have fallen at some point in time, thanks to the passionate chanting, singing and cheering of the home fans. On paper, Burnley has the upper hand, but solely due to the fact that they’re the hosts. We predict that Swansea will win against Burnley at odds of 2.80 or 9/5.

Crystal Palace vs. WBA

Unlike the previous clubs, these two have a long history, both in the Championship and the Premier League. In the past, both of these have triumphed. It’s virtually impossible to predict the outcome. They even ended the previous season right next to each on the leaderboard. However, bookmakers are offering various markets. We may not know who the victor will be, but that’s why we can make a clear assumption on how many goals will be scored.

Head to Head Performance

Their 5 past encounters stand at 2 wins for each of them and 1 draw, all are part of the Premier League. Crystal Palace has been more convincing than WBA whenever they were victorious. It seems like that once they get a good hold of the game, they keep it that way. Then again, WBA won at the very last minutes of their games. WBA plays up until the very last minute of the match.

In the past matches we’re looking at, there are staggering 17 goals scored at both ends. We assume you already realized where we’re going with this.

In regards to the transfer period, Crystal Palace brought James Tomkins and Andros Townsend as reinforcements, whereas WBA brought Matt Phillips from QPR.

Crystal Palace vs. WBA 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

Instead of risking your money by betting on what club will win, we recommend you to bet on the goal line or if both teams will score. A bet on both teams to score comes at odds of 2.00 or 1/1 Bet365. In a way, it’s a safe bet, plus the odds seem very appealing paying 1 for 1. Furthermore, it’s the start of the season, which promises a lot of exciting moments that will hopefully lead to goals being scored at both ends.

Everton vs. Tottenham

Tottenham ended the previous season way up on the table ranked as the 3rd. This guaranteed them a ticket to the much desired Champions League. Tottenham’s host, Everton has been through a rough patch. They can’t live up to the fame and the level they once were. The point difference rounds up to 23, which to be honest, is a rather high one. Tottenham will for sure start their season strong, attempting to end it on top and finally win the Premier League title.

Head to Head Performance

With the objective of providing you with the most accurate and reliable information we’ll take a look at the past 5 encounters only. Their history says Tottenham is better on paper, with 3 victories over Everton and their two last encounters ended in a draw. Tottehnam wants to score goals and most of the time they are successful, whereas Everton wants to keep the ball in their possession. This is not the best tactic to overcome a dangerous opponent such as Tottehnam.

Everton vs. Tottenham 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

This match opens the doors for some serious sports betting. Why? Because it’s definitely worth it, considering the fact we can confidently predict the outcome of this match. Double the excitement by placing a bet. Bet on Tottenham to win against Everton at odds of 2.40 or 7/5. The Spurs obviously have the upper hand, despite Everton having the home stadium advantage.


Middlesbrough vs. Stoke

Due to the high level of competition the teams that take part in the Premier League change on a regular basis, every single time there’s a different set. Middlesbrough has returned from the Championship league to the Premier League after a tough season. Regardless, they proved worthy to go neck a neck with the best in England. Their 1st opponent of the season 2016/2017 is Stoke, which was a menace for the top tier clubs in the Premier League, especially the big 4.

Head to Head Performance

They’ve me only on two occasions back in 2008 and 2009. Either Stoke is relegated or Middlesbrough. This is the reason why they don’t have a long rival history. However, on these two occasions the home team was victorious, which means both have one victory tied to their name. Middlesbrough is known for scoring a lot of goals on home turf,at least whenever they get the chance. Stoke tends to play more defensively, which rarely ends well for them. This kind of match promises a lot of goals, and we’re going to take advantage of it.

Middlesbrough vs. Stoke 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

All hands on both teams to score and bet on the goal line of 2.5+. This is going to be a match where both clubs will go full out on the offense. Middlesbrough will most likely be more successful. The bottom line is, bet on both teams to score at odds of 2.05 or 21/20. The odds may seem risky, but have no worries. This is the most probable outcome.

Southampton vs. Watford

Southampton meets Watford in their first match of Premier League season 2016/2017. They managed to stay in the upper half of the table throughout most of the season. Furthermore, they were among the top scoring teams for the past season with almost 60 goals. On the other hand, Watford were not as good as them, but they still managed to keep their sport in the Premier League with a cushion of 4 points. It was one heating season ending for them. Regardless of their past performances, this match can go either way. It’s what makes it so exciting!

Head to Head Performance

With 3 victories over Watford and 2 tie games, Southampton is the favorite on paper and according to the most popular bookmakers. The fact that there were 13 goals scored in their 5 past games we can only but assume that this game can have 3 or more goals scored, or it can end with the least popular result of 0-0. Although betting on a draw is rarely a good idea, this time around it certainly looks like one.

Southampton vs. Watford 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

It’s an easy call to make since the dominant figure is the host. Stoke will make an attempt to ruin Southampton’s day, we deem unsuccessfully. That’s why bet on Southampton win against Watford at odds of 1.80 or 4/5. It should be a victory with at least a 2 goal cushion.

Manchester City vs. Sunderland

So far the rich Manchester City hasn’t made any big time purchases with the exception of Leroy Sane, coming from the Bundesliga, from Schalke. On the other hand, Sunderland has brought in any new football players, nor they’ve made a sale. Manchester is the undeniable favorite in this encounter, and they will definitely scoop 3 valuable points.

Head to Head Performance

Despite Manchester City was the victor in 5 of their past 5 matches, there’s another rather interesting fact that Sunderland scored on 4 of those 5 matches, with the exception of the last one, which took place in February this year. The polarity is staggering, Manchester City ended the season ranked as 4th, enough to enter the qualifications for the Champions League, whereas Sunderland managed to scrap 2 valuable points, which guaranteed their spot in the Premier League for the current season.

Manchester City vs. Sunderland 08.13.2016 – Odds and Predictions

Manchester City to win against Sunderland comes at odds of mere 1.20 or 1/5. The odds are low, there’s that, but it can be a decent multiplier if you’re going for a selection of bets on your betting ticket. This should be a walk in the park for the Citizens, considering the poor performance of Sunderland.

Lastly, you can bet on one, two, three or all of these matches. Bet on them separately or multiply your prize by putting them altogether. Start the Premier League season in style.