Portugal VS. Wales Prediction – Semi Final 1 – 06.07.2016

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These two football teams somehow managed to reach the semi-finals. Both of them tell interesting stories. On the one hand, there’s Portugal, a team that’s in a semi-final match without winning. On the other hand, we have Wales, a major surprise of the Euro Cup 2016 that’s managed to defeat top notch squads. This match can easily go either way. Portugal hasn’t showed us performance worthy to admire. Despite having better status than the Welsh, we can’t call them favorites. This is the semi-finals!


The media, social networks and the football community in general is flooded with opinions regarding the “success” of Portugal in the Euro Cup 2016. They haven’t broken any rules, it’s just that they managed to scrape away any chances they got to advance to the next stage. Can Portugal become the 1st football team that has won the Euro Cup without a single victory? It’s definitely plausible, ergo it’s not impossible. So far they won against Poland in a penalty shootout and against Croatia with a late goal by Quaresma R. in the 117th minute of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo made the assist, and Quaresma sealed the deal. The Croats are yet again the unluckiest football team of a major football competition.

So what can we expect from the Portuguese? Considering the fact that they couldn’t go the distance even in the group stage, beating the Welsh is going to be a real struggle. To be honest, we doubt their capabilities. Portugal doesn’t have the edge to carve open the score and keep it that way. They lose focus, which results in tie matches. Portugal can play under pressure, that’s for sure, but Wales is aware of that.

Probable line-up: Rui Patricio, Cedric, Fonte, Pepe, Eliseu, Mario, Sanches, Moutinho, Silva, Nani, Ronaldo.


It’s the tiny nation that managed to beat big football teams such as Belgium with a landslide victory of 3-1. Furthermore, they showed outstanding control in the matches against Russia Northern Ireland. It’s a team that can play against any opponent. They have no respect for the history of the nation, their reputation or what the football community is saying about them. The Welsh already made history. They’re lucky they didn’t meet France or Germany so far. It could’ve meant the end of the Welsh Euro adventure. Nevertheless, if they beat the Portuguese they’re going to meet the French or the Germans in the Final match of the Euro Cup 2016.

We must point out that Aaron Ramsey’s absence will be felt on the pitch. He was a core asset for the Welsh team.

One battle at a time. On the 6th of July Wales will go out on the Stade de Lyon and they will give their best to beat another great football team. We can only compliment on the Welsh performance so far. There are many more reasons that lead us to believe the Welsh will advance to the Final stage of the tournament.

Probable line-up: Henessey, Chester, Williams, Collins, Gunter, Ledley, Allen, Joe Williams, Taylor, Bale, Robson, Kanu.

Portugal VS Wales – Odds and Predictions

We are perfectly aware of the importance of this game for both these squads. All players who will go out on the pitch will play the game of their lives. This is probably going to be Ronaldo’s last chance to get the recognition of a world class player representing Portugal. His team mate Bale, is still young, but capable and experienced to take the success of Wales on his shoulders if necessary. It’s going to be a clash of football world superstars.

What will be the final score of the match Portugal vs. Wales? It’s difficult to predict, but we have a very good argument why we’re going to bet on the Welsh to win with odds of 4.00 or 3/1. A few days ago we backed the Welsh in their encounter against Belgium and we were right. It’s the same situation. This can work in the semi-finals against an inconsistent Portugal.