Germany VS. Italy Predictions – Quarter 3 – 02.07.2016

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Germany’s encounter with Italy is probably the final, before the regular final game. Why? Because this is the match that will be in the spotlight for days. Germany is the current World champion, whereas Italy is among the top 3 contenders for the Euro Cup trophy. In a way, it’s sad to see these two clash so early. Then again, we should be happy that they even met. All of them are world class players. This game is exciting on a global scale, not just on European soil. Both of them have rich football histories and trophy rooms to admire.


There’s no argument that the Germans are the favorites in this match, especially if we consider their performance in the Euro Cup so far. The German football squad hasn’t conceded a single goal. Neuer hasn’t had any major difficulties keeping his goal net away from harm’s way. Despite their clean sheets, Germany has the best offense in the tournament. Predicting that they won’t score a goal is nonsense. Only the Polish managed to keep their strikers at bay. The current German team is a complete, all-around squad with magnificent individuals. Despite having football players who can take on the game all by themselves you can almost see the team chemistry on the pitch.

We predicted that Thomas Muller is going to be among the top goal scorers, however, we were very wrong. Maybe this is the match when he’s going to explode and crush the Azzuri. Joachim Löw already proved us he still has the sense, the approach to scoop another trophy. This match may not be an easy one for the Germans, but they still have the upper hand.

Probable line-up:


The Azzuri probably are the only team in the Euro Cup that can take on the Germans confidently, besides France, of course. Spain and England already went home. It’s up to the Italians to take on the mighty, disciplined, explosive Germans. Italy values an out of the ordinary formation that certain opponents find difficult to deal with. Take for instance, their last opponent Spain. The Spaniards like to pass the ball and play around the pitch as long as possible. But the fluid Italian formation doesn’t allow this. And as we saw a few days ago, Spain was defeated by Italy with a 2 goal difference. It was a one-sided match.

Then again, the German team can adapt due to their extensive experience, both on a national and on a club level. The Azzuri will have to go the distance if they want to be in the semi-finals. Pirlo is gone, but Buffon is still guarding the goal. Hopefully, he can boost the team morale and go head to head with the Germans with confidence.

Probable line-up:

Germany VS. Italy – Odds and Predictions

The Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux will be the battleground in which these two outstanding teams will clash with the hopes to advance to the semi-finals. So far we made a lot of accurate predictions, but this one is by far the most difficult to make.

We’re going to take the side of Germany with odds of 2.25 or 5/4. It’s going to be a tough match, but if the Germans get that little space they need, the Italians may experience their biggest defeat in the Euro Cup 2016.We all remember what happened with Brazil two years ago.