France VS. Iceland Prediction – Quarter 4 – 03.07.2016

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The host of the Euro Cup 2016, France, will meet Iceland in their quarter final match. It already looks rather polarizing, considering that the first one has the support of the domestic crowd, whereas the latter is just a big, pleasant surprise. Every major football tournament has that one team that stands out and catches everybody off-guard. This time, that’s Iceland. Before you make any premature conclusions if you haven’t followed the Euro Cup, you should know that Iceland defeated England in the round of 16 with a score of 2-1. Despite the one goal difference, the Icelandians had total control of what’s going on the pitch.


The French had rather pleasant time reaching the quarter finals. If we take a look at their past performance, we’ll see 3 wins, and 1 draw match against the Swiss. The closest match was their initial game versus Romania. Their players got out on the pitch rather relaxed, but the match took a rather dynamic turn of events from the very beginning. Fortunately for the French, they learned their lesson. Although Iceland is an absolute underdog, France will try to overcome their defense from minute 1. Antoine Grizemann, Atletico Madrid’s striker is shining bright. He has 3 goals under his name and his odds of becoming the top goal scorer of the tournament look promising.

We must point out the support of the home crowd. This is the twelfth player that has been the reason for a lot of turnarounds, but for many crushing victories as well. The crowd can give the French wings, giving them the means to end the match with an easy victory.

Probable line-up:


Iceland is in the quarterfinals, in the company of top notch national football teams like Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and Portugal. It’s a tremendous achievement for the small island country that has a population that counts less than 500,000. This little nation was victorious in their encounter with England in the round of 16. England is the place where football was conceived, yet they lost to a small nation with no major football history. Regardless of their past, their history and their current standings, Iceland can make France’s journey to the finals a rough one, but this is highly unlikely.

However, if we take a closer look at the game Iceland plays we get confused. It just doesn’t fit. Iceland is nimble and France is consistent. It will be a very interesting game to watch, nevertheless.

Probable line-up:

France VS. Iceland – Odds and Predictions

Despite the fairly confusing retrospective, we are very confident with the prediction regarding this match. The victor will be France at odds of 1.40 or 2/5. The odds are low, there’s that, but it’s a safe bet. If you’re looking for a more adventurous bet, you can bet on France with Asian handicap. However, we are against this kind of approach to betting on games that are played at the highest leve. This is the Euro Cup quarterfinals. These players will give their best and if France stumbles upon a rock steady defense on Iceland’s side you’re going to lose.