3 Days Away From 4 Weeks of Football Frenzy

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After more than 10 games per team and life long preparations it’s time to put their skills to the test. In 3 days, 24 national squads will meet in France to compete and only one of them will win the Euro Cup 2016 Trophy. Each country that qualified for the Euro Cup will bring their finest football players to represent them in front of the whole world. Stars will rise and tears will be shed. Only one team can take away the trophy. Nevertheless, we’re going to see a great performance of Europe’s best football players.

Spice Up The Euro Cup 2016 by Taking Part in One of Kind Promotions

In order to mark the football spectacle, the Euro Cup 2016 online sportsbooks have tailor made promotions. Some of these take sports betting to the next level, including prizes of up to few hundreds of thousands of euros. If you wish to take part in these promotions and give yourself a chance to win a life-changing sum of money you don’t have to anything out of the ordinary. Answering a few questions, placing several bets from which you can make a profit instantly are just some of the entry conditions. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and in-depth research if you want to have the best chances of winning.

Bet-at-home and Their Outstanding €100,000 Euro Cup 2016 Promotion

The €100,000 is the main prize, there are other valuable prizes for the runner ups. This particular super promotion takes a lot of experience and a lot of luck. Before we go any further into the description of the promotion, note this promotion is limited to 5,000 customers only. The lucky ones who enroll in the promotion will have rather high chances of scooping €100,000 in their pockets.

There are 16 questions that need to be answered. All of them are related to the Euro Cup and if you happen to answer all of them you become one of the potential winners of the €100,000 prize. These questions come in the form of who will be the top scorer of the Euro Cup, who will win the Euro Cup 2016, etc.

Even if you don’t win the 1st prize, you can still win match tickets, free bets, national football team shirts and much more. You better head over to Bet-at-home right away. The number of participants is limited and the entry promotion period ends on the 10th of June. Once the Euro Cup 2016 is over Bet-at-home will announce the winner.

Sportingbet’s Generosity – Do You Have What it Takes to Win €50,000

Sportingbet turns out to be one of the most generous online sportsbooks in regards to the upcoming Euro Cup 2016. They’ve taken Euro Cup promotions to the next level. You probably already did an analysis on which team will advance to the knockout stage of the tournament and you have an idea what teams will be among the top 4 of the Euro Cup 2016. If that’s so, head over to Sportingbet right away, because they’ve a stunning promotion underway.

All you have to do is open account If you don’t have one already, and make your predictions what teams will be ranked 1st and 2nd during the group stage of the tournament. That’s €50,000 just for predicting what teams will advance to the knockout stage of the Euro Cup 2016. For every bet you place of €10 or other currency equivalent you’ll get another shot at predicting the teams that will move on the next stage. You better hurry, because the promotion ends on the 10th of June with the start of the first match of the Euro Cup.

NetBet has 1,000,000 Reasons That Wait For Your Registration

Similar to the previous two stunning promotions, NetBet has tailored its own predicting game, so to speak. However, this promotion tends to be a bit over extreme including €1,000,000 as the 1st prize.

So what should you do to win this prize? Head over to NetBet and enter in their Euro 2016 €1,000,000 promotion. If you don’t have an account yet, you will be required to open one. While you’re at it claim the €50 free welcome bonus.

Participants of the promotion are required to predict the 6 winners of the group, the 6 runner ups and what 4 teams will enter the knockout stage of the tournament ranked as 3rd in the group stage. Furthermore, participants are required to guess the correct score of all games up until the final game. We already stated, this is one extreme promotion. Participants can make 1 incorrect prediction for the €1,000,000, 2-3 for a prize of €250,000 and so on and so on. The highest incorrect prediction a winner can make is 15 and it will be rewarded with €5,000. One prediction will cost €1 only!

That’s €1,000,000 we’re talking about. You got nothing to lose!

Head Over To TonyBet for More Mind-Blowing Prizes

There’s yet another €1,000,000 Euro 2016 Madness. This one’s offered by TonyBet. It also involves predicting the outcome of the group stage and match final scores. It’s very similar to NetBet’s promotion, but with a higher entry cost of €3 per prediction. Regardless of the cost, it’s worth considering. TonyBet designed a special interface for this promotion which makes setting the prediction rather convenient. There’s also an auto-fill option if you feel lucky.

The winner will be announced on the 17th of July, hopefully, you will be one of them!

Hurry Up! The Euro Cup 2016 Starts in Less Than 3 Days

These online sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses for new customers. It’s an amazing opportunity to start your Euro Cup adventure with a bigger cash balance. While you’re registering make sure you claim this generous bonus offers.

So what should you do? Should you take part in all of these promotions? You better! You will be doing the same analysis for each of them. You’re just increasing your potential prize. The entry costs are meaningless considering the prizes at hand. Reserve your spot in these promotions before they are still available.Make the Euro Cup 2016 a memorable one!

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