Euro Cup 2016

Euro Cup 2016

During major sport competitions such as the Euro Cup 2016, online sportsbooks from around the world offer tailor made promotions targeting that particular spectacle. Most of these promotions involve making predictions by answering a set of questions, guessing what team will take away the trophy, or guessing the score of a particular match.

So what makes these promotions so special? In simple terms, the prize pools. Some online sportsbooks offer promotions with prizes of several hundreds thousands of dollars, Euros or British Pounds. Taking part in them won’t cost you more than placing the lowest bet possible. For a couple of Euros, you’ll become eligible for life changing amounts of money. On top of this, they’ll make the Euro Cup 2016 much more exciting!

Below you can find all currently available promotions, bonus offers and free bets. Make sure you do your analysis carefully to increase your chances of winning. We’re also going to come up with our own predictions for some of the matches. We hope they’ll help you out!

Euro Cup 2016 - bonuses

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If you have any questions regarding these promotions or any other questions regarding sports betting in general feel free to contact us. We’ll provide you with the most accurate information possible along with any advice or tips you might need.